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Box type 50KW four cylinder diesel generator price

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cost of box type 50KW four cylinder diesel generator supercharger is a key component that affects engine power. If the supercharger is burned, it will cause the decrease of rotating speed and intake supercharging pressure, which is obvious that the engine power will drop. The sign of early damage of supercharger is" oil drainage " That is to drain oil into the exhaust pipe and intake pipe. When the oil drainage is serious, it indicates that the supercharger has tended to be damaged. The axial and radial clearance of the turbocharger rotor must be within the specified range

when operating a supercharged diesel engine with a supercharger, we should pay attention to idling the engine for a few minutes when starting the engine, and then accelerating and increasing the load after the standby oil has been circulated, especially when starting for the first time every day. When the engine shuts down, it should also idle for a few minutes, and then shut down after the engine and supercharger speed drop. For the habitual operation of slamming the accelerator before flameout, it is for the service life of the supercharger. Because slamming the two foot accelerator before flameout, the supercharger is immediately blown to high speed. At this time, the engine suddenly stalls. The basic feature of the oil hydraulic universal experimental machine is that it can stop the operation of the large tonnage pump and stop oil supply at low cost. However, the supercharger continues to twist at high speed under the premise of smoothness and meanness, resulting in dry grinding, which accelerates the wear of the rotor shaft and bearings The sealing ring is strained and the oil is drained. Especially at high temperature and high speed, the turbine will be burned and the rotor shaft will be broken in serious cases

one of the easily ignored achievements of power reduction is that the air filter element is durable and does not clean, which increases the air intake resistance and reduces the air intake. Therefore, the air filter must be cleaned on schedule. Don't rely too much on air filter pilot lamp in practical use. Price of box type 50KW four cylinder diesel generator

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Danian yeze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

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[company address] : No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

daniaze power to52000et detailed parameters 50KW silent diesel generator

1 Technical standard

additional input kW 50 53

maximum power kw 53 55

additional frequency Hz 50 60

additional voltage V 380/220

additional speed rpm 1500 1800

number of phases: single-phase three-phase

power factor: 0.9/1.0

scheduling style: AVR (active voltage scheduler)

noise level lp7m: DB

frequency adjustment: (%): ≤ 0.5(steady state)

voltage fluctuation: (%) : ≤ 0.5

engine technical parameters:

power model: yototi5200

brand: danieze power

cylinder diameter: 4*122*134mm

cylinder arrangement style: in-line arrangement

number of cylinders: 4 cylinders

cooling style: closed water circulation cooling

oil supply style: direct injection

speed regulation style: electronic speed regulation

intake style: naturally aspirated

engine oil model: 15w/40cd

fuel type No.: 0 # light diesel

diesel oil tank: 200l

unit fuel consumption: 206g/kw • h

smooth oil tank: 17l

motor technical parameters:

motor model: to52000et

additional power: 50kw

additional current a 227.2/132

wiring style: three-phase four wire Y-connection

protection grade: IP22

insulation grade: H grade

other construction:

unit overall dimension (L B H): 2200*950*1300

unit weight (kg): 850

low oil pressure alarm system can actively close the engine

electric starting ensures that the unit can be started quickly

the new voltage active scheduler ensures the safe and stable input of voltage

daniazawa power box type 50KW four cylinder diesel generator cost diesel generator features:

1. The commercial daniazawa engine designed by heart delays the service life of the generator, minimizes the protection and maintenance requirements, and ensures rapid start-up and noise reduction

2. Equipped with large silent silencing, excellent low-noise operation function

3. The low oil pressure shutdown is piecemeal, and the generator damage caused by the lack of smoothness is greatly reduced. In view of the fact that the domestic rubber and plastic, packaging and other light industry quality testing equipment has not yet had the probability of corresponding national standards and industry standards

4. The side control panel is easy to operate

daniazawa generator reminds you: before using the diesel generator set, it is necessary to stop thorough inspection of the diesel generator set, change or wash the air filter, diesel filter and oil filter of the generator set, and change the oil and antifreeze in the generator cylinder. Check whether the voltage of the battery used for starting the generator set is normal. If the battery power is insufficient, it is impossible to start the diesel generator set. In addition, check whether the ventilation of the generator room is excellent. If there is a premise for reducing the test under the rated experimental force, try to stop cooling the generator room. Because the diesel generator set itself will generate a lot of heat when it is used, as long as the temperature of the machine room is guaranteed, it can be guaranteed that when the generator set is used, it will not only replace the sensor again, but also show various disturbances such as high water temperature and low oil pressure

source: daniazawa power

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