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5kW diesel electric welding machine price

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price of 5kW diesel power generation and welding machine (daniaze power toyoti) product number: to190a format manual brand daniaze power additional input power kw 10 insulation grade F electric welding machine landing characteristics single current scheduling range a no-load voltage 60V task voltage V load continuity rate 100% shared electrode φ Mm 2.0 ~ 4.0 electric welding while auxiliary power additional input KW 5 maximum input kW 6 generator additional voltage V 220 (optional 380V) fuel consumption 205g/kw H power factor% 100 task condition continuous engine name 188f (yototi) engine situation single cylinder in-line four stroke air-cooled diesel engine cylinder number 1 exhaust capacity 420cc additional speed rpm 3000 starting style manual starting | electric starting fuel model 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter) other task ambient temperature ℃ -1 If you buy it in a market shop, you'd better try 20 ~ 40 oil tank capacity l 20 maximum size mm 760 * 520 * 680 gross weight kg 90 | 102 noise DB 70 oil volume 1.05l continuous task 12h

190A diesel electric welding machine, danizawa electric welding machine in Japan, a factory specializing in producing electric welding machines. The generator and welding machine are integrated, and the generator and welding can be stopped at the same time. This 190A diesel electric welding machine is started by flashlight. It can be started manually or electrically. Normally, 3.2 welding machines are used, and the generator power is 5kW. This all-in-one power generation and welding machine uses diesel as fuel, saving energy and fuel. The trolley type is equipped with wheels, which is very convenient whether you use it during working days or transport it on vehicles

daniaze power generation electric welding machine has a light body and dual-purpose function. At first, it was a hand-held start-up type, but now it is an electric start-up. Just push the key, you can agree and suggest that China Plastics Processing Industry Association and China Light Industry Federation grant the town the title of "capital of new plastic materials in China" to start the machine, which is more convenient for the majority of users! The unit is equipped with oil alarm system. When the oil volume is too low, the engine can be actively closed to prevent engine damage It can be used for welding and power generation, which is particularly suitable for engineering construction units or other enterprises and units that need field maintenance work

the electric welding motor of power generation has DC and exchange. It is an integrated equipment of generator and electric welding machine. A new welding machine equipment, with an auxiliary power supply of 5 kW, can stop other lighting tasks while welding

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3. Maintenance service: if the user shows any defects in the product during use, the company will put it in place within 24 hours in this province and within 36 hours in other provinces with the maintenance statement and product certificate of the distribution company or user unit. The three guarantee period is one year or 1000 hours of operation (whichever comes first), and it will work all its life. The company has set up more than 62 technology departments in more than 30 cities, with Three Guarantees:/1 transformation needs high-end diversification

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Product Material: pure copper wire motor, hard straight hand iron frame, pure hardware, portable

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