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5kW digital variable frequency generator price

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daniazawa power 5KW digital variable-frequency generator u to6000i is widely used as a frequently used, standby and emergency switching power supply because of its agility, convenience and stability. Especially in recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy, there has been an inappropriate shortage of power all over the world, which makes the role of gasoline generator units doubly prominent. The traditional gasoline generator units DC transmission cable motor voltage, input power Pressure and frequency are not stable enough. The regulations like steam have raised the price of postal cartons. The latest growth trend of oil generating sets is the connection between gasoline generating sets and power electronic converters and the use of electronic governors, that is, the original voltage input by the generator is treated by the power electronic converter for pollution, and then input to the load. The electronic governor regulates the engine speed to achieve the goals of energy conservation and environmental protection

[reason for recommendation]: large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economic and practical, easy to carry, emergency equipment

[after sales maintenance]: one year warranty, Lifelong protection

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

[company address]: No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

[registered bank]: Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Jiading Branch

[deposit bank]: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

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[tax number]:

[contact person]: Zhu Ming

[contact de LV Feng]:

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[business style]: purchase and sales treaty Alipay business

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, cheque, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, 24-hour delivery in the world

[main business of the company]: gasoline generator, digital frequency conversion silent generator, diesel generator, self-priming pump, power generation electric welding machine, liquefied gas generator, etc.

1. Purpose of work: fast, judgment, accuracy, hospitality, complete

2. Purpose of work: the quality of work will win the satisfaction of users

3. Effectiveness of work: if the motor and power parts of the equipment are defective during the warranty period, You can stop the after-sales service at the local maintenance point at your place, or you can send the machinery back to the company, and the company will bear all the costs during the warranty period

3. Working principle: the warranty period of the product is twelve months. During the warranty period, the supplier will charge for repairing and replacing the parts and components that are caused by the quality notice. For the parts and components that are damaged outside the warranty period, only 33 items will be charged for the cost of formulating the industrial trial production plan. For the equipment damage caused by the compensation of the demander, the parts repaired or supplied by the supplier will be calculated at the cost price

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