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New energy vehicles next city xiongan new area joins hands with CRRC to promote new energy vehicles

CRRC group produces all kinds of special vehicles, the main products are buses, SUVs, buses, engineering repair vehicles and battery forklifts. In this cooperation with xiong'an new area, the two sides will cooperate in transportation planning and construction, promoting the construction of green smart cities, and the development of new energy vehicles, so as to promote xiong'an new area to build fast and efficient transportation and create a green transportation system

in the future, xiong'an new area will take rail transit and other shared transportation as the main transportation mode, and strive to build xiong'an samples, so as to explore ways to solve and promote the transformation and upgrading of urban transportation problems in many industries and solve urban diseases in China in the future. At the beginning of planning and construction, xiong'an new area will give top priority to "urban brain", and integrate all aspects involved in urban development such as ecological, production and social practices that should effectively adopt rib reliable life according to actual working conditions into the smart city report on VOC test methods (odor, atomization, aldehyde and ketone, total carbon, vda278, micro cabin) and encounter 3 The city construction is introduced in detail according to the problems that can be divided into according to the industry and functional characteristics, and the traffic mode, traffic organization and smart city construction are considered as a whole to form a full three-dimensional traffic control system

the docking meeting also proposed to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, so that CRRC wisdom, CRRC plan and CRRC power can better serve the planning and construction of xiong'an new area. Give play to their respective advantages, strengthen cooperation in new fields and other aspects, and make xiong'an new area an experimental city for CRRC to move towards intellectualization and form new innovation capabilities. Actively explore smart solutions for urban transportation, make xiong'an new area a new mode of rail transportation and a concentration of new exploration, and realize the intelligent and intelligent operation of rail transportation, road transportation, regional and cross regional transportation organizations

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