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The new energy-saving and environment-friendly glass industry has benefited the most from low carbon

recently, Li Yizhong, Minister of chemistry and industry, answered a question about energy conservation and consumption reduction at the third conference center of the Eleventh National People's Congress. Li Yizhong said, "our current energy consumption is very high. The energy consumption per unit of GDP is three to four times the international level, and even eight times that of Japan." In terms of employment, the unit consumption level is 10% - 50% lower than the international level. Such high energy consumption makes our environment and resources unsustainable and unsustainable

Li Yizhong said that in terms of energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and pollution control, industry is the largest, accounting for 70% of energy consumption, 70% of carbon dioxide emissions and 83% of sulfur dioxide emissions. Therefore, if industrial energy conservation and emission reduction cannot be achieved, the national task of energy conservation and emission reduction will not be completed. This involves the elimination of backwardness. For the backward production capacity, we have counted 18 industries, and the backward production capacity accounts for about 15% - 25%, which should be implemented in accordance with the notice issued by the State Council

according to insiders, the glass industry is a traditional high energy consumption industry, which can completely eliminate backward production capacity, "this is a great benefit to us!" A company official said. "Although it seems that the production and sales of the glass industry are fairly balanced now, the new and proposed projects are too fierce, and the risk of overcapacity is accumulating, which may lead to excessive competition and even cause losses in the whole industry. Therefore, it is very timely and necessary for the state to propose structural adjustment at this time. On the one hand, it can effectively curb the momentum of blind development of the industry and reduce repeated construction; on the other hand, there is more than 10% of the industry For the elimination of backward production capacity such as France, special attention should be paid to the effective stroke of the electronic tensile machine and the sample fixture. The elimination of this part of backward production capacity can free up more market space for advanced production capacity like ours. "

"the key to structural adjustment is to have executive power." The person in charge said, "For structural adjustment, our enterprise has four suggestions: first, it is suggested to raise the access threshold, revise and issue new industry access conditions as soon as possible, strictly enforce the market access system, and regularly publicize the elimination of backward production capacity; second, strengthen sampling inspection and punishment, and resolutely crack down on non-standard production and non-standard use; third, further increase support and encouragement in new product development, energy conservation and environmental protection, and provide support to enterprises with excellent environmental protection performance Appropriate rewards will be given, and enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection and energy consumption standards will be rectified within a time limit, and those that still fail to meet the standards after rectification will be eliminated; Fourth, we should formulate the criteria for selecting large backbone enterprises as soon as possible and implement specific measures to support the development of large group enterprises

the glass industry should also adapt to the new domestic policies as soon as possible, walk out of the era of high energy consumption, and seize the opportunity of technological reform

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