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New energy vehicles become the first choice for travel. Hainan has built more than 4500 supporting charging facilities for electric vehicles

business daily all media news (Ye/lixingmin intern Yang Fangjing at the altitude end). The ecological environment is the biggest advantage of Hainan's development, and the central government has high expectations for the construction of ecological civilization in Hainan. According to the 2017 environmental monitoring data, the contribution rate of vehicle exhaust emissions to PM2.5 in Hainan is more than 35%, and vehicle exhaust pollution has become one of the most important air pollution in Hainan. Therefore, the development of clean energy vehicles in Hainan is an important way to effectively reduce vehicle pollution emissions in Hainan and promote the formation of a green production and lifestyle

five advantages make new energy vehicles the first choice of Hainan people

experts from the Provincial Department of ecological environment said that as we all know, the development of new energy vehicles in China started relatively late. Due to the attention paid by the whole society to the ecological environment in recent years, they have been gradually tilted and encouraged by policies, thus embarking on the road of rapid development. In recent years, while strictly implementing the automobile purchase and traffic restriction policies, all parts of the country have generally given the green light to new energy vehicles represented by pure electric vehicles. It can be said that new energy vehicles have gradually entered people's vision, and more and more people have begun to choose new energy vehicles as their first choice, which has promoted the development of new energy vehicles and ushered in a blowout in the sales of new energy vehicles. The development of new energy vehicles has five advantages for the consumer tensile strength testing machine: sealant tensile test report (Figure):

advantage 1: environmental protection

fuel vehicles will produce exhaust emissions when driving on the road, while the air pollutant emissions of pure electric vehicles mainly occur in the power generation link, and there is no exhaust pollution in the driving link. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles can achieve near zero pollution during operation and do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere

advantage 2: save money

with the increasing demand for traditional energy, the reserves of oil, the main non renewable traditional energy, are limited after all, so for people, the cost of using traditional fuel vehicles will be higher and higher, which will make people's burden more and more heavy. However, new energy vehicles will reduce or even eventually eliminate the demand for traditional energy, and electric energy, as a renewable resource, is far lower than other energy sources in the market today with high oil prices. Therefore, the development of new energy vehicles can bring consumers more advantages of saving vehicle costs

advantage 3: low noise

in terms of driving experience, because new energy vehicles are driven by electric energy, the noise and vibration level of electric vehicles in operation are far lower than that of traditional internal combustion engines. At idle speed and low speed, the comfort of electric vehicles is much higher than that of traditional vehicles, so they are more stable and quiet in the process of driving, so they can bring consumers a better driving experience, which greatly increases the comfort

advantage 4: energy saving

fuel vehicles are mobile sources of pollution, and their supervision and treatment are much more difficult than the point source emissions of power plants. There is a lot of room for pollution control and emission reduction in power generation. At present, Hainan power plant has almost achieved ultra-low emissions, and the efficiency of pollution control is very high. Then, the electric vehicle's power consumption per 100 kilometers is kwh. After counting the losses of power plants and motors, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers is about 7 kilograms of standard coal. According to 10L fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, the energy consumption of traditional cars is about 10 kilograms of standard coal. And in the urban congestion environment, the energy-saving advantage of electric vehicles will be further amplified

advantage 5: there is room

the manufacturing cost of fuel vehicles has reached the limit, and there is no room for decline. There is still much room for the manufacturing cost and use value of new energy vehicles. There is a market, there is a demand, there must be a market

plan to develop more than 4500 supporting charging facilities for electric vehicles in Hainan

experts from the Provincial Department of ecological environment said that in recent years, with the continuous increase of motor vehicle ownership, the problem of motor vehicle pollution has gradually become prominent. Vehicle exhaust contains particles, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. It is understood that Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities have completed a new round of research on the source analysis of ambient air pollutants. The contribution of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from motor vehicle exhaust in Beijing is as high as 45%, that in Shanghai is 29.2%, and that in Shenzhen is 52.1%. Combined with the economic development, vehicle ownership, population changes and other factors in Hainan in recent two years, it is preliminarily estimated that the contribution rate of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in Hainan's ambient air from vehicle exhaust is more than 35%. Nitrogen oxides emitted by motor vehicles will produce ozone (O3) with volatile organic compounds under light conditions, resulting in an increase in the concentration of ozone (O3) in the ambient air and pollution of the ambient air in Hainan

with the development of new energy vehicles, in the long run, the vibration frequency of 100~300rpm can improve the environmental quality and bring people a better quality of life; In the short term, enterprises should take the opportunity of market adjustment to test the body tension testing machine that can bring energy saving and fuel saving to consumers. Of course, everyone may pay different attention, but it is undeniable that new energy vehicles will be the general direction of development in the future. I believe that with the gradual promotion of new energy vehicles, traditional fuel vehicles will be eliminated sooner or later. Even if some people find out the current shortcomings of all kinds of new energy vehicles, from the perspective of development, new energy vehicles can get all kinds of support and rapid development, and its own environmental protection function is inseparable. After all, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people begin to have higher and higher requirements for the living environment around them, so the development of new energy vehicles is imperative, after all, the environment is related to future generations

the provincial ecological environment expert said that since the provincial government issued the "Implementation Opinions on vigorously promoting the application of new energy vehicles to promote the construction of an ecological province" in 2016, the provincial industry and information technology, development and reform, transportation, housing and construction, commerce, public security, price, organ affairs administration and other departments have successively issued 32 supporting policy documents, initially establishing a policy system for the promotion of clean energy vehicles in the province. By the end of 2018, the cumulative promotion of clean energy vehicles in the province had exceeded 37100, including 22800 new energy vehicles. The cumulative promotion of clean energy vehicles accounted for about 2.9% of the total number of vehicles in the province; More than 4500 supporting charging facilities for electric vehicles have been built, and the structure of electric vehicle roundabout travel has initially taken shape

experts also said that the "clean energy vehicle development plan of Hainan Province" had been reviewed by the expert committee headed by Comrade Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, and was approved by the executive meeting of the provincial government on February 3 and the meeting of the deep reform committee of the provincial Party Committee on February 11, and was printed and issued for implementation in the name of the provincial government

step by step, Hainan will build a new Hainan with green and smart travel in three stages

at present, electric vehicles have been highly praised by the state, and the automotive era is developing and changing. Experts from the Provincial Department of ecological environment said that at present, Hainan still has problems in the promotion and application of clean energy vehicles, such as lagging supporting infrastructure construction, immature vehicle use environment, unbalanced regional development and inadequate understanding. It is necessary to make an overall plan for the promotion and application of clean energy vehicles and Industrial Development in Hainan in the future at the planning level

expert introduction, The development plan of clean energy vehicles in Hainan Province (hereinafter referred to as "the plan" by costron's nizaki innovation center in Japan) is divided into three development stages: short-term, medium-term and long-term, to build a new Hainan with green and smart travel. By 2030, the clean energy of vehicles in the province will reach the international leading level.

the plan It is clear that the overall goal is to build a new Hainan with green and smart travel. By 2030, the clean energy of vehicles in the province will reach the international leading level, and the promotion of new energy vehicles will be focused from 2025. With the establishment of a new global green, intelligent and efficient transportation network system as the core line, we should give full play to the unique advantages of Hainan's clean energy supply side, take the use of vehicles as the center, and promote the integrated development of low-carbon, intelligent transportation system and energy system, so as to realize the full life cycle of clean energy. Focusing on the three core visions of ecological island, demonstration island and innovation Island, we will improve diversified application supporting facilities and infrastructure support, and create a self virtuous cycle and sustainable clean energy vehicle ecosystem. Specifically, it can be divided into three development stages: short-term (2020), medium-term (2025) and long-term (2030):

experts pointed out that according to the promotion principle of "first stable, then fast, and steady progress", the goal of vehicle clean energy in all fields of the province has been scientifically set. The plan takes full account of the objective conditions of Hainan's car ownership, supporting facilities construction, financial investment and other aspects, and steadily promotes the clean energy of vehicles in the province step by step and in different fields according to the promotion ideas of taking the lead in the public service field, leading in the social operation field and leading in the private use field. Among them, the public service sector strives to achieve clean energy by 2020; In the field of social operation, strive to achieve clean energy by 2025; Private sector vehicles will strive to achieve the international benchmark level of vehicle clean energy in the province by 2030 with strict incremental control and stock guided replacement as the main line. The details are as follows:

from the date of release of the plan, 100% of the new and replaced vehicles in the fields of official vehicles, buses, cruise taxis, etc. in the field of public services will use new energy vehicles or clean energy vehicles, giving full play to the role of demonstration and guidance

since the date of the release of the plan, 100% of the new and replaced vehicles in the light logistics vehicles (including postal and urban May 6th distribution) and time-sharing rental vehicles in the field of social operation will use new energy vehicles. In the fields of urban sanitation, tourism passenger transport, urban and rural routes, the renewal ratio has been reasonably formulated according to the current proportion of clean energy of vehicles and the technical maturity of relevant models, Vehicles in these fields must be fully powered by clean energy around 2025

in the private sector, by implementing strict regulation and control of the total number of passenger cars, and combining restraint and guidance, we will promote the two-way clean energy of incremental and stock vehicles. By 2030, new and replaced new energy vehicles in the private sector of the island will account for 100%

experts believe that driving an electric car home will become the norm in the future

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