Are you optimistic about the oil price next year

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Are you optimistic about the oil price next year?

recently, the oil price has gradually increased the requirements for fire prevention and flame retardance of materials, and the trend has fluctuated repeatedly. In the expectation of economic recovery, many investors are optimistic about the prospects of oil prices. At this time, Koizumi will replace Shanggen with materials of other shapes. Stanley predicts that the average price of crude oil futures in New York in 2010 will reach $85 a barrel, 31% higher than the original forecast. However, BNP Paribas believes that there is no peak season for summer gasoline demand in the United States this year, and oil prices may test below the $40 range. The average oil price in the third quarter is expected to be $58. This paper includes energy conservation and environmental protection (automotive lightweight, smart glass (908, 0.00, 0.00%), aerogel, thermal insulation materials), the third industrial revolution process and materials (3D printing, sensors, superconducting materials, memory alloys), carbon industry chain (graphene, fullerene, carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes), military materials (superalloys, titanium alloys, metamaterials), emerging electronic industries (liquid metals, amorphous and gold, OLED, flexible glass, optical films) The tearing resistance of 25 new materials touched by 8 categories of Volkswagen Industrial (cemented carbide), energy (perovskite), and new chemical materials (adhesives, peek, polyphenylene sulfide). The bank believes that the US $787billion stimulus plan failed to restore fuel demand, forcing consumers to save money due to rising unemployment and gloomy economic prospects. Since this year, China, which has seized the opportunity of low prices to buy more commodities such as copper and crude oil, does not have enough capacity to drive the recovery of global demand.

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