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The upgrading of new energy vehicles solves the pain points of the industry. The 300 kilometer endurance standard configuration

China International Energy Saving and new energy vehicles exhibition and energy saving and new energy vehicles achievements exhibition opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing a few days ago. Nearly 160 energy-saving and new energy vehicles appeared, truly showing the latest models of energy-saving and new energy vehicles and the latest achievements in the development of the new energy vehicle industry

it is found that although the new energy vehicle industry still faces many "pain points", with the introduction of the "double points" policy, car companies are also seizing the time to solve the pain points of short mileage, difficult charging and few models, so as to help the development of the new energy vehicle industry

it is generally believed in the industry that the announcement of the measures for the parallel management of the average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and the points of new energy vehicles has created unprecedented opportunities for the development of energy conservation and new energy vehicles. At the same time, the delayed assessment of the "double points" policy has won a one-year transition period for the vast majority of car companies, and also allowed car companies to seize the time to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of new energy vehicles

300 km range as standard

it was seen on the scene that the mileage of the participating models has improved. Of the nearly 160 new cars, nearly 70% have increased their range to more than 300 kilometers. This undoubtedly provides a solution for solving the problem of short mileage of new energy vehicles

previously, the old users of new energy vehicles suffered from the problem of endurance, which made many users shy away from new energy vehicles. In fact, the range of new energy vehicles has long been lifted from the stage of 100 km and 200 km to 300 km and 400 km. According to the 92.58 km of Beijing Fifth Ring Road, it can run three times around the Fifth Ring Road, fully meeting the needs of users for commuting in the city and short-distance travel outside the city

in this auto show, Chang'an Automobile released three new cars and also launched three new energy models, including CS15 EV, escape PHEV and new escape ev300, of which CS15 EV and new escape ev300 have a range of more than 300 kilometers, while Chang'an Automobile's first plug-in hybrid car, escape PHEV, has a maximum range of more than 1000 kilometers under full fuel and full power

BAIC bjev also showed a number of new energy products, among which the battery life of the pure electric eu400 can reach up to 360 kilometers, which is very suitable for household users with high frequency travel. In addition, BYD E5, Chery arize 5E, Geely Dihao ev300, SAIC erx5 and other models have greatly improved their endurance mileage. The endurance mileage of more than 300 kilometers has been recognized by consumers

fast charging technology improves competitiveness

in fact, the imperfection of supporting charging facilities has become a decisive factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles

according to the statistics of the national energy administration, as of April 2017, the number of public charging piles in China has been very convenient to complete the experimental function; In addition, it is equipped with a special lengthened jaw for steel strand to ensure that the fracture in the middle of the sample exceeds 170000. Although the number of charging piles has greatly increased at present, the embarrassing situation of non-uniform charging standards and non universal charging piles is also affecting the travel of pure electric vehicles. At the same time, adverse factors such as long charging time of new energy vehicles also make new energy vehicles less competitive with traditional fuel vehicles

therefore, in addition to the national charging standards and unified charging interfaces, all vehicle enterprises also pay close attention to the development of fast charging technology to solve the problem of long charging time. The pure electric SUV concept car vision e under SAIC Roewe not only has powerful performance, acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 4.5 seconds, and endurance mileage is more than 500 kilometers, but also is equipped with wireless charging technology, which greatly improves the convenience of charging. Chang'an Automobile also put forward the new energy strategy, and plans to launch 21 new pure electric vehicle products in various forms by 2025; 12 plug-in hybrid products; Realize "charging for 5 minutes and driving range of 100 kilometers"; The range will exceed 1000 kilometers

fuel cell vehicles are on the cusp

in fact, in addition to pure electric vehicles, the proportion of fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles has also increased. Previously, due to the shareholding of dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, Yinlong automobile was also pushed to the forefront. At this auto show, Yinlong new energy exhibited the hydrogen titanium powertrain, maximizing the advantages of lithium titanate battery and hydrogen fuel cell. Cheung Kong Automobile also exhibited the newly developed hydrogen fuel passenger car, Cheung Kong Yizhong and G20 Yisheng, and demonstrated the core achievements such as intelligent manufacturing to the public by developing a new aluminum lithium alloy called airware at the French wallep R & D center of the United States kemlian aluminum company

according to the latest statistics of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, in September, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 77000 and 78000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 79.7% and 79.1% respectively. Among them, 64000 pure electric vehicles were produced and sold, with a year-on-year increase of 85.2% and 83.4% respectively

the Chinese market has placed new energy vehicles at a new strategic height. At the same time, with the decline of the subsidy policy at the end of the year and the approaching of the "double points" policy, the industry predicts that the phenomenon of a hundred flowers blooming in the new energy vehicle market is also expected to be concentrated in the next year

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