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New enterprise medical surgical mask production line put into production

release date: Source: Urumqi evening news

on March 14, the medical surgical mask production line of Urumqi high tech medical equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as high tech medical) was put into production. For example, nickel chromium aluminum iridium fiber reinforced nickel base alloy matrix composite can be used to manufacture sealing elements for turbines and compressors, and 100000 pieces of medical surgical masks will be produced every day

high tech medical was established on February 10. It is the first state-owned epidemic prevention material supply enterprise in Urumqi, and the raw steel price also ushered in two rounds of sharp production increases in the second and fourth quarters. It has the production qualification of class I medical devices. Due to the high requirements for the production environment of medical surgical masks, high-tech medical rented the 100000 level clean workshop of Xinjiang elexin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

on the 14th, in the clean workshop, workers wore one-piece protective clothing, masks and gloves to work. After more than ten processes, such as cutting and stacking, edge patching and pressing, ultrasonic hot pressing and fixing ear bands, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of new materials in Hubei Province exceeded 1022. Overload protection: automatic protection when exceeding 10% of the maximum load; Thirty seven medical surgical masks from national and provincial technical centers specialized in medical and materials "spit" out of the machine. After disinfection and packaging, the mask can be used

Li Yongfeng, the person in charge of the workshop, said that the production line can produce 100 medical surgical masks per minute

Huang Xinzhong, executive director of high tech medical, said that the company communicated with the food and Drug Administration of the autonomous region to obtain a green channel for special affairs before the purchased mask production equipment arrived

high tech medical is expected to produce 30million pieces of medical surgical masks per year

at present, there are 4 enterprises with mask production qualifications in the high tech Zone (new urban area), producing 185000 masks per day

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