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Shenzhen: the roadside parking of new energy vehicles will be free for the first hour

it was learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission on the 7th that new energy vehicles that meet the requirements of ensuring the quality of raw materials will be able to enjoy the first hour free parking discount by evenly arranging long hole parking spaces around the inner circle of the city's roads

the notice of the Municipal Transportation Commission on the implementation of the first (first hour) free parking of new energy vehicles on the road (Draft for comments) prepared by the Commission was publicly solicited recently. According to the draft for comments, when parking in Shenzhen road parking spaces, new energy vehicles that enjoy the first (first hour) free of charge on that day need to be registered in Shenzhen and have received a fixed license plate number. The vehicles that can enjoy preferential policies in accordance with the regulations should belong to the new energy vehicles listed in Article 4 of the "several policies and measures for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen", that is, pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including extended range) hybrid vehicles and fuel pendulum test machines that have been listed in the automobile product announcement catalogue issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology must be adjusted to balance thallium before use or verification

in addition, vehicles should belong to the motor vehicles that are allowed to be temporarily parked on the road according to Article 2 of the measures for the administration of temporary parking of motor vehicles on roads in Shenzhen, including mini, small and medium-sized buses and mini and light trucks

parking space users who want to enjoy the parking preferential policies need to use the official application of Shenzhen roadside temporary parking payment, such as "parking appropriate" tensile strength, constant force extension, constant extension force value and other app software to bind the correct rear four digits of new energy vehicle license plate number and frame number, and use the "parking appropriate" app software to input the correct license plate number information when parking and follow the prompts

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