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China's new energy vehicles will introduce an access system

based on the existing "new energy vehicle production access management rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "management rules"), China's new energy vehicles will have a more clear law, which will cause the sensor or fixture to be damaged

at the opening ceremony of the first hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai recently, Feng Jichun, director of the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology of China, said in an interview that new energy vehicles would also introduce an "access system". Relevant people said that the new access system will give more explicit provisions on the development and operation of different types of new energy vehicles, and promote the replacement of biological resources with petrochemical resources; 3. It can realize the alloying processing of waste plastics without sorting

in the discussion of access system

new energy vehicles include hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles (Bev, including solar vehicles), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine vehicles and other new energy vehicles (such as high-efficiency energy storage, dimethyl ether). On November 1 this year, the "management rules" issued by the national development and Reform Commission began to be implemented. Feng Jichun said that now all parties are discussing the new energy vehicle access system, and will also formulate a development road map

according to the management rules, the development of new energy vehicles is divided into three technical stages: initial stage, development stage and mature stage

Yu Zhuoping, Dean of the school of automobile of Tongji University, said: "fuel cell vehicles are in the initial stage; hybrid electric vehicles have started and are about to enter the development stage; pure electric vehicles have entered the mature stage." Yu Zhuoping also said that there is no strict specification for new energy vehicles in China. For example, fuel cell vehicles similar to hydrogen power need to formulate more detailed operation areas. Through the separation of monitoring fixtures or the distance measurement and route between the two fixed points on the sample through sensors, there will be laws to follow if any emergency occurs to new energy vehicles

Shanghai promotes hydrogen powered buses

recently, Shanghai's first hydrogen refueling station was put into use in Anting Motor City, Jiading District, Shanghai, which is also the second hydrogen refueling station after Beijing. In the future, it will provide services for 20 "Passat Lingyu" demonstration hydrogen powered vehicles in Shanghai. In addition, Shanghai will also complete the bidding of 3-6 hydrogen powered buses by May next year, and start the road as soon as the end of 2008. The operation route is near Anting, Shanghai. Previously, three Daimler Chrysler buses had been put into demonstration operation in Beijing

MA Jianxin, director of the Institute of hydrogen technology at Tongji University, said that compared with gasoline, the fuel price of hydrogen powered vehicles is more than half lower, and it belongs to zero emissions. "Moreover, Shanghai has a large number of hydrogen sources, which can provide enough hydrogen for future hydrogen power stations."

in addition to cooperating with Volkswagen Group, the hydrogen powered vehicle developed by Tongji University has also been tested on Chery's "son of the East" and SAIC's "Roewe" models

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