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In July, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was released, and new vehicles became the largest "dark horse" in the market.

in July, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles achieved "six consecutive rises", which is indeed quite encouraging compared with the "four consecutive kneeling" in the U.S. new energy market

according to the data of the passenger Federation, the domestic sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 43000 units in July 2017, an increase of 4% month on month and 46% year on year. From 6500 units in January to 27500 units in March, new energy passenger vehicles continued the accelerated upward trend of increasing by 11000 units per month. In April, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles slowed down to an increase of 1700 units month on month, with an increase of 9000 units month on month in May, an increase of 3000 units month on month in June and an increase of 2000 units month on month in July, forming a continuous upward trend

from the monthly cumulative sales of new energy passenger vehicles increased by 31% year-on-year, it can be predicted that the new energy market will grow rapidly in the future. It can be said that with the continuous encouragement of national policies, the domestic new energy vehicle market is achieving steady growth

the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles will further break through in August

China's new energy market is still a policy driven market, which is greatly affected by the subsidy policy, which is also the reason for the huge decline in sales volume in the "empty window" of subsidies in January. After the subsidy policy and market demand gradually returned to normal in 2017, the sales volume recovered rapidly and gradually entered the stage of steady growth

it is worth mentioning that from the previous sales trend, there will generally be a downward trend in July, but this year has continued the month on month growth trend, mainly from the sales contribution of SAIC passenger cars, BYD and BAIC bjev. SAIC passenger cars sold 4021 new energy vehicles in July, up 69.88% month on month, mainly due to the breakthrough of Roewe erx5 and ei6. BYD sold 11207 new energy passenger vehicles in July, almost the same as in June

in addition, the current number of customers waiting to buy cars in Beijing is a relative peak, reaching an average of 7000 per month, with a total of 28000 allocated this month. Among the indicators issued in 2017, at least 26000 indicators are still not licensed, so the contribution of the Beijing market will continue until the end of the year. In August, only 16 days before the expiration of the first batch of index users, the Beijing market may enter a new energy passenger vehicle purchase boom

the gap between plug-in hybrid and pure electric has narrowed, and common hybrid has become a bright spot.

in July this year, new energy passenger vehicles generally showed structural strength. Among the total sales of 43000 new energy passenger vehicles, the sales of pure electric passenger vehicles reached 32600, accounting for 75.72% of the total sales, with a year-on-year increase of 61% and a month on month increase of 2%, reflecting the differentiated driving effect of the regional market; The sales volume of plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles in July was 10500, accounting for 24.28% of the total sales, with a year-on-year increase of 14% and a month on month increase of 10%, narrowing the gap compared with pure electric vehicles

after the release of the new car Hailing policy, the sales of plug-in hybrid models fell sharply in the fourth quarter of last year, and this phenomenon has not been alleviated at the beginning of this year. In 2017, the proportion of plug-in hybrid in new energy passenger vehicles reached 2. In terms of Futures: the iron ore 1701 contract continued to fluctuate and fell 0% in the afternoon, slightly lower than the proportion of 24% in 2016. Pure electric still outperformed plug-in. However, in July this year, the proportion of plug-in and hybrid sales rose to 24%

among them, BYD song DM sold 5069 vehicles in July and won the sales champion with strong play. Instead of the sluggish performance of the plug-in hybrid market for a long time, song DM's sales grew rapidly from its listing to breaking the 5000 mark. However, compared with Tang's previous peak sales of PGA degraded into glycine, there is still room for growth. What is also eye-catching is Roewe ei6, which was not long after it was launched. It increased 161.28% month on month in July, reaching 938 vehicles

BYD continues to maintain the strong position of plug-in hybrid, and new products such as Roewe erx5 have also come to "carve up" the market, which has become the main reason for the year-on-year growth of plug-in hybrid models in July. Among them, the market advantage of plug-in hybrid in Shanghai is still obvious. At present, the sales of new energy passenger vehicles in Guangzhou and Shenzhen are average, and plug-in hybrid in non restricted areas also has a breakthrough trend

in the sales data of new energy passenger vehicles in July, the performance of domestic general hybrid is also noteworthy. In July, the sales volume of general mixed passenger vehicles was 12948, almost the same as that in June, with a year-on-year increase of 104.97%. This year, the cumulative sales volume was 74942, with a year-on-year increase of 78.80%

although ordinary hybrid products are not included in the new energy series subsidized by the state, their sales volume in the U.S. market is huge, and their technical complexity is much higher than that of pure electric vehicles, with obvious cost advantages. However, as China's new energy market will gradually shift from policy driven to market driven in the future, the development of universal energy mix is also worthy of attention

large tonnage forging and forming of titanium alloy composites has been the technical bottleneck restricting the development of aircraft for a long time.

at present, the domestic general hybrid market is mainly Toyota hybrid. Since the arrival of corolla and leiling in the Chinese market in November 2015, Toyota hybrid has always been well-known in the domestic general hybrid industry. It is reported that the overall sales volume of Toyota Hybrid in 2016 was 6300 units per month

however, with the listing of Argyle hybrid, the advantages of Argyle's fourth generation i-mmd hybrid system are gradually recognized by the domestic market, and show stable demand. The sales performance of Argyle hybrid has exceeded Camry. In the future, with the introduction of more honda hybrid models into the Chinese market, the market pattern of domestic general hybrid may be rewritten

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