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Logitech innovation launched a special Skype TV video call device for the living room

ctiforum on November 6 (Jia'er): Logitech announced on November 1 a Logitech HD camera for TV, which is innovatively developed for high-definition TV. With built-in Skype software, it can be used on any high-definition TV with HDMI input interface, and is connected via Wi Fi or Ethernet Internet without additional software or computer, And no matter whether the TV power is turned on or off, the built-in ringtone will notify you in real time when someone calls, so that you can comfortably enjoy convenient and high-quality large screen video calls in the living room, and share every bit of life at any time; Through Logitech's advanced wide-angle high-resolution full range video technology and built-in four high-quality microphones, not only can all family members join the video call, but also the vivid, clear and noise suppression audio performance will make you feel like your relatives and friends in the distance

everything is so simple! As long as you can easily log in to your Skype account on your TV, you can contact anyone through Logitech HD webcam for TV, whether the other party uses Skype on various platforms such as smart, tablet, personal computer or high-resolution TV; Of course, you can also call the city or mobile through Logitech HD camera for TV (you must have Skype points). The remote control with simplified buttons and the Skype operation interface with simplified security technology for the application of the living room environment will have problems after long-term use of the machine, so that no matter young or old, even if they can't use the computer, they can quickly use it at the fingertips; In addition, Logitech HD Camcorder for TV with Skype certification ensures that you will have the best Skype call experience

the innovative experience of bringing video calls into the living room through TV is amazing! Lin Peiyi, general manager of Logitech Taiwan business, said: "Because the living room is the most comfortable place in the home and the most suitable place for the whole family to have fun together. Coupled with the large picture and high-resolution video quality of today's TV, the newly launched Logitech HD camera for TV combined with Skype can just bring new social elements to the living room, making everyone feel that distant relatives and friends interact naturally as if they were in the same room, and this is a new video call conversion experience.

pchome Skype Lai Baiwei, senior manager of the marketing department, said: according to the research data of Skype, about 40% of Skype video behavior occurs in the living room, most of which is used to contact relatives and friends. We are quite looking forward to the gradual entry of Skype video into Taiwan's family life in the future. We are also happy to see Logitech's testing of magnetic core materials in Taiwan, using the special fixture Bay made by Jinan era experimental machine to launch HD camera for TV, Provide Skype users with more convenient video devices

on any high-resolution TV device with HDMI function, you can easily contact anyone on Skype

Logitech HD Camcorder for TV with clip on design makes it easy for you to place it firmly above the high-resolution TV or hang it on the wall. Then you can start using it by simply connecting to the HDMI port on the high-resolution TV and connecting it via Wi Fi or Ethernet Internet; With built-in Skype software, you don't have to connect to your computer or install any software. As long as you log in to your Skype account on your TV, you can contact anyone through Logitech HD webcam for TV. Whether the other party uses Skype on various platforms such as smart, tablet, personal computer or TV, you can enjoy the excellent video call quality certified by Skype at any time; No matter whether the TV is turned on or off, the special external power supply and built-in ringer will notify you immediately when someone calls, and even if no one answers at home, it will go to voice mail

the only TV camera equipped with Carl Zeiss optical technology has a clear, full range of vision, fresh and vivid images, as if you were in the same room

in order to enable all family members to use video communication together in the living room, Logitech HD camera for TV provides a clear and full range of wide-angle vision. Even if you walk around, you can still record and transmit dynamic moments in life, as if you were in the same room with each other; In addition to Logitech fluid crystal technology and Hd 720p high image quality, Logitech HD Camcorder for TV is also the world's first TV Camcorder equipped with Carl Zeiss optical technology. It creates smooth engineering plastic products and composite materials for users, and becomes the main force of making money. It has sharp, clear and undistorted high-resolution image quality. Logitech HD Camcorder for TV with powerful image processor can operate as usual in low light source environment. Even if your living room does not have sufficient lighting conditions, you can meet your relatives and friends with full HD clear image quality; The built-in 2x zoom function also allows you to use the remote control to perform digital translation and tilt functions, move the lens up, down, left and right, and let you use close-up to show any details between gestures

four high-quality microphones are built in, which can enjoy excellent sound quality even in a wide space. With a simple and easy-to-use remote control and Skype interface, it provides the best Skype video call experience

in addition to its lifelike video performance, Logitech HD camera for TV is equipped with four ultra-high sensitivity high-quality microphones at the same time. Its carefully designed microphone distance allows enough air flow to pass through, and then records the clearest and loudest sound signal in front of the camera. The microphone with beamforming and single pointing technology is optimized and adjusted, which can also suppress environmental noise The reflected sound caused by the wall and the resonant noise of the TV speaker enable you to enjoy excellent video and sound quality even in the most spacious living room. With the remote control with the most compact buttons, you can easily answer calls and view Skype contact information. The Skype interface, which is simplified for the application of the living room environment, is convenient and easy to browse. All members of the family can get started quickly. The servo motor is a high-function electromechanical machine that can control the speed of change, and you can enjoy the best Skype video call at any time

Logitech HD Camcorder for TV does not need to use a computer. Everyone in the family can easily share the fun of video communication without distance and zero time difference through high-resolution TV. It provides 1-year limited hardware warranty, and the recommended price is nt$6990

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