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Logistics industry will become the largest revenue industry of RFID. As an emerging industry, RFID technology has been applied in many fields of society, such as inventory management, tool management, production management, license anti-counterfeiting, intelligent transportation system, logistics, etc., and has gradually been understood and accepted by people. RFID, as the front-end automatic identification and data acquisition technology, is applied in the main operation links of logistics. Fraunhofer Institute of production technology and materials utilization and its partners in the industry are committed to developing more efficient production and processing solutions, which can realize item tracking and information sharing, greatly improve the operation efficiency of logistics enterprises, and realize visual supply chain management, It has huge application space and development potential in the logistics industry, and plays an important role in logistics informatization

the impact of RFID on logistics informatization management

logistics informatization is the advanced stage of the development of traditional logistics. Based on advanced information technology, it pays attention to the comprehensive integration of service, personnel, technology, information and management. It is the embodiment of the combination of modern production mode, modern management mode and modern information technology in the logistics field. It emphasizes the standardization and efficiency of logistics to provide a higher level of customer service at a relatively low cost. Fast, real-time and accurate information collection and processing is an important foundation for realizing logistics standardization and efficiency. The application of RFID technology in logistics informatization will have a significant impact on it

increase the matters of the supply chain. 8. The irregular deviation of the indicated value is the linear temperature rise and fall speed (actually the average speed every 5 minutes); Visibility, improve the adaptability of the supply chain. By using RFID technology in the whole process of the supply chain, from the completion of the production of goods to retailers to end users, the distribution of goods in the whole supply chain and the information of the goods themselves can be fully reflected in the enterprise's information system in real time and accurately, which greatly increases the visibility of the enterprise's supply chain, and makes the whole supply chain and logistics management process of the enterprise become a completely transparent system. Fast, real-time and accurate information enables enterprises and even the whole supply chain to respond quickly to complex and volatile markets in the shortest time, and improve the adaptability of the supply chain to market changes

reduce inventory level and improve inventory management ability. The main purpose of logistics information management is to reduce costs and improve service levels. Inventory cost is an important part of logistics cost, so reducing inventory level has become a core content of logistics information management. Applying RFID technology to inventory management, enterprises can grasp the inventory information of commodities in real time, understand the demand mode of each commodity, and replenish in time. Combined with the automatic replenishment system and the supplier managed inventory (VMI) solution, they can improve the inventory management ability and reduce the inventory level

help enterprises realize visual management of assets. Using RFID technology in enterprise asset management to track the production and operation process of forklifts, transportation vehicles and other equipment in a real-time way, we can monitor the use of these equipment in real time, realize the visual management of enterprise assets, and help enterprises to make a reasonable planning and application of their overall assets

accelerate the process of enterprise informatization and improve customer service. Informatization is the main feature and development trend of modern logistics. The use of RFID technology can greatly accelerate the process of enterprise informatization, promote the information sharing among various departments within the enterprise, enable enterprises to integrate their business processes more effectively, and improve their rapid response ability to market changes. At the same time, the enterprise can provide customers with the main technical indicators of the bridge expansion joint mechanical performance testing machine: provide accurate and real-time logistics information, reduce operating costs, achieve personalized services for customers, and greatly improve the customer service level of the enterprise

whether in terms of supply chain management, inventory reduction, asset management or enterprise informatization process, the application of RFID technology is particularly important for logistics informatization management. Of course, some experts said that logistics informatization is the core way to improve China's modernization level and achieve leapfrog development. China will make full use of modern information technology, constantly improve the informatization level of logistics enterprises, promote the internal process reengineering of manufacturing enterprises, and explore the implementation of integrated logistics management. From this speech, the editor deeply realized that the development of logistics informatization is an application vigorously advocated and promoted by the state. Under the strong market orientation, RFID technology will cause a major change in the world, and it will become a new economic growth point in the future

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