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Logistics development will inevitably drive the heavy truck market to meet the new development opportunities

logistics development will inevitably drive the heavy truck market to meet the new development opportunities

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heavy truck, one of the important equipment of modern logistics. The "double 11" sale, which began on Taobao, has become a carnival for all e-commerce companies to compete and sell. Each e-commerce platform not only competes with whose price is good, but also competes with whose logistics is fast. The major express companies also regard the double 11 as a war. In this war, heavy truck, the main force of high-speed logistics, is an important weapon that major logistics companies must supplement

in fact, the total volume of e-commerce transactions in China is expected to reach 10 trillion yuan in 2013, of which retail sales will exceed 1.8 trillion yuan, and China will thus surpass the United States to become the world's largest retail country. E-commerce has had a great impact on the logistics market

on June 11, the State Council measured the stripping force as the stripping force and held an executive meeting. The meeting passed the medium and long term plan for the development of logistics industry, identified 12 key projects such as agricultural products logistics, manufacturing logistics and supply chain management, renewable resources recycling logistics, and proposed to basically establish a modern logistics service system by 2020, and improve the standardization, informatization, intelligence, and intensification of the logistics industry, Improve the overall operation efficiency and efficiency of the economy

according to industry estimates, China's total social logistics in 2014 was about 218.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year; The total cost of social logistics will reach 10.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 9% year-on-year

the heavy truck market is closely related to the logistics industry. The prosperity of the logistics industry will pull the heavy truck market. The demand for logistics vehicles for trunk transportation and urban distribution is slowly increasing. According to China Construction machinery trade, many car companies have launched corresponding products, services, and even comprehensive transportation solutions specifically for the specific needs of e-commerce logistics, but the workbench is relatively large

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