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Logistics Packaging Engineering Technology Seminar: third party logistics is booming

at a logistics packaging engineering technology seminar held recently, experts and scholars from colleges and universities, relevant industry associations and logistics packaging production and use enterprises conducted face-to-face discussions, "third party logistics" and the development of packaging industry have become a hot topic

"third party logistics" is a new material solution system that allows production and operation enterprises to concentrate on their main business, entrust the logistics activities they originally handled to professional logistics service enterprises in the form of contracts, and maintain close contact with logistics service enterprises to achieve the management and control of the whole logistics process without affecting the cost and performance. With the rise of "third-party logistics", enterprises can put more energy into the improvement of technical capacity by the way that the provincial Metrology Institute works on campus. Future wood industry participating in the seminar: the packaging company has set up a packaging design research center, with four professor level packaging experts sitting for a long time, and thus formed a research and development team to provide a package of logistics and packaging services such as packaging design, new material research and development, and new process development

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