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The logistics warehouse stored the coating pesticides with the investigated ones yesterday, people who recorded that the surface in contact with the sample was made of sticky soft rubber received a report from the masses that there were not only coatings but also many suspicious pesticides stored in a logistics warehouse near Binjiang Road, Meilan District, Haikou City. I hope the relevant departments can investigate and deal with them in time

after receiving the information, he quickly rushed to a logistics warehouse called Xiangcheng near No. 325, team 1, liushuipo, Binjiang Road, Meilan District, Haikou City

at the scene, two young men were checking items in a warehouse of nearly 300 square meters. Most of the parts in the warehouse were processed with modified PP materials. In addition to more than 100 barrels of paint, the warehouse also stored more than 10 brands of pesticides produced in Beijing, Jiangsu, Qingdao and other places

it was learned from the staff in charge of the warehouse that the warehouse was only responsible for transferring goods and did not sell them. These goods came from Shandong, Jiangsu and other places in the mainland. After the goods were transported to Haikou, the owner of the goods came to collect them

then, the situation was reported to Haikou Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Baisha industrial and Commercial Institute under the jurisdiction. After learning the situation, the two departments quickly organized staff to inspect the different clamping attachments configured in the warehouse

Gao, deputy director of Haikou Institute of Agricultural Sciences, told that according to the on-site inspection, the pesticides stored in the warehouse were basically qualified, but the pesticide operators did not have work permits, and the pesticides stored in the warehouse were not reported for approval in Haikou agricultural department. From the perspective of the scale of the warehouse, the warehouse was a large warehouse, but the air circulation was poor, there was no safety system and fire-fighting facilities on the wall, and the operators did not wear masks and gloves, Very irregular

deputy director Gao said that daily necessities and pesticides cannot be stored together because pesticides are highly toxic. If stored together, they will pollute the environment. For these problems in the warehouse, they will punish it according to the relevant regulations on pesticide punishment and deal with it further

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