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The logo makes confused consumption clearer

"yes, I never knew that this pure fresh milk was reconstituted by milk powder." Ms. Huang, who was buying fresh milk in the supermarket, answered in surprise

Recently, the State Council issued a "labeling order" - the notice on strengthening the production, operation and management of liquid milk, which requires that the "reconstituted milk" logo will be enforced from October 15 this year, in order to remove consumers' confused consumption when purchasing dairy products. In recent years, many dairy enterprises in China will break the trade secret of selling "reconstituted milk" as pure fresh milk and yogurt

the milk source base has been impacted

since the Spring Festival in 2005, the purchase price of milk in many regions of China has fallen by more than 30%, the value of dairy cows has shrunk by two-thirds, and many dairy farmers have sold milk for months without money. This phenomenon caused a panic in the hearts of dairy farmers, and also attracted the attention of government departments at all levels, experts and scholars

due to the reduction of tariffs, the influx of imported milk powder into the domestic market is an important reason for the decline in the price of local milk in China. According to the survey, China imported less than 50000 tons of milk powder in 2003. In 2004, China imported 180300 tons of dairy products, including 87000 tons of milk powder, an increase of 77.6% over the previous year

in 2005, according to the agreement on computers based on Visual Studio 2012 after China's accession to the WTO, the import tariff of milk powder was reduced from 25% to 15%. Insiders expect that the number of milk powder imports will further increase. According to the survey, imported milk powder has the characteristics of good quality and low price. At present, the price of imported milk powder per ton is about 14000 yuan/ton, while the cost of domestic milk powder is as high as 16000 to 18000 yuan/ton

it is reported that under the circumstances of the decline in the purchase price of milk, dairy farmers have encountered "difficulties in selling milk", with obvious decline in earnings and difficulties in operation; And cow prices have plummeted. At present, the market price of adult cows in Taiyuan alone is 7000 to 8000 yuan per head, down 50% from the same period last year; The price of adult cows in Datong market was 6000-7000 yuan per head, down more than 60%

it is understood that this "abnormal" milk price "plunge" has caused a great impact on the milk source bases in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Heilongjiang and other places of China, and the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure in these areas is facing new problems

"the chaos of fresh milk

" the previous popularity of a large number of imported milk powder in China's dairy industry was also caused by the rapid growth of China's original consumer market and the phenomenon of 'poor milk'. With the assistance of international imported milk powder, we should affirm its historical role. However, in recent years, due to the containment of the development of herdsmen's original milk caused by cost problems, the State Council and relevant departments have issued relevant policies to grasp the direction. " Wang huaibao explained

as for whether the fresh milk is reduced milk, consumers rarely understand the consumption, and even the administrator of the supermarket selling milk said he did not know, "but the computer configured so far by the general configuration can be modulated for the experiment. When we sell, we only require to specify the production date and category with the customer." A supermarket sales administrator introduced to me. Making up for the gap in raw materials is not as urgent as it used to be.

in order to safeguard the interests of consumers, the relevant national departments have put forward the 'fresh food ban order', and many dairy enterprises in order to compete for the initiative in the dairy market competition and maintain their own market scope, some enterprises also seek the initiative through the quality war. The earliest event was "no anti milk"; Subsequently, the concepts of "fresh milk", "reduced milk", "pasteurized milk", "normal temperature milk", "sterilized milk" and "sterilized milk" were put forward, which led to the dispute between "fresh milk" and "reduced milk", "pasteurized milk" and "normal temperature milk", and the dispute between "sterilized milk" and "sterilized milk", which made enterprises such as Mengniu and Yili that produce constant effect milk (normal temperature milk) face great challenges. Consumers have been in a state of ignorance for "confused" consumption

relevant experts call this competition a "farce" in the development of the dairy industry

implement the "reconstituted milk" logo

"logo order", which states that where reconstituted milk is used in the production and processing of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products, regardless of the quantity, the production enterprise must clearly mark "reconstituted milk" on the main display surface of its product packaging. The notice requires that all regions and relevant departments of the State Council should strengthen the management of the production and operation of liquid milk, improve the standard of liquid milk, organize production in strict accordance with the standard, implement the production filing system, and strictly manage the product identification and marking that can meet the more compact design needs of lamps

the notice also pointed out that the use period of prepackaged food labels that meet the general standard for food labeling and the label of special nutritious food can be appropriately extended after being approved by the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, but the deadline shall not exceed June 1, 2006

"this time, we mainly raised the issue of implementing the logo of 'reconstituted milk', but we didn't mention the problems of 'fresh' words such as fresh preservation and fresh prohibition at all, but this is a norm, which is completely based on the interests of consumers. For example, education should pay attention to the growth of children, not whether the parents of children have obtained marriage certificates, but the key is to pay attention to the growth of children."

Wang dingmian, chairman of the China Dairy Association, said: "the reduced milk logo is also a norm for the development of the dairy industry. The fresh food ban has not expired. The dairy association will strive for it. I hope there will be more positive opinions before next June."

the relevant person in charge of the xiaoyangren dairy industry promotion department said that at present, the attitude of the relevant national departments can not be seen clearly by this document alone, and many enterprises are well prepared

dairy experts said that the use of the "reconstituted milk" logo not only safeguarded consumers' right to know; Promote the quality of raw milk in China; It is also conducive to the survival of the fittest in the market, fair competition, and ultimately promote the healthy development of China's dairy industry

source: Fortune times

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