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Upgrading Shanxi as a major logistics province to promote the construction of a modern logistics system

upgrading Shanxi as a major logistics province to promote the construction of a modern logistics system

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Guide: during the 12th Five Year plan period, we will fully adopt the suggestions of the provincial CPPCC and build a modern, information-based Intensive modern logistics m) curve selection: the stress can be selected according to needs, so that the curves of minimum force strain, force displacement, force time and displacement time affected by temperature drift can be displayed and printed; By 2015, the added value of the logistics industry will reach 190billion yuan, accounting for about 10% of GDP. The whole province

"during the 12th Five Year Plan period, we will fully adopt the suggestions of the provincial CPPCC and build a modern, information-based and intensive logistics system according to the overall layout of 'one core, three regions and multiple nodes'. We will strive to achieve an added value of 190billion yuan in the logistics industry by 2015, accounting for about 10% of GDP, and the proportion of logistics costs in the GDP of the province will drop from 28% in 2010 to 23%, realizing the leap from a major logistics province to a strong logistics Province..." The head of Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission said in an interview recently that he would spare no effort to promote the construction of a socialized, professional and information-based modern logistics service system

"As an industry with great development potential, the development level of modern logistics industry has increasingly become one of the important symbols to measure the comprehensive economic strength, modernization process and even future competitiveness of a country or region. Shanxi has unique geographical location advantages and the practical basis for developing the logistics industry. How to promote the logistics industry to develop towards logistics informatization, intelligence, trans provincial or transnational operation and service integration, I hope CPPCC members at all levels will be wise Words of wisdom. " Xue Yanzhong, chairman of the provincial CPPCC, made several arrangements at the recent meeting of the chairman of the provincial CPPCC, and proposed that promoting the development of modern logistics industry should be included in the key work of the Standing Committee

"although Shanxi is a large logistics Province, it is not a strong logistics province. Although the logistics industry has made great progress in recent years, there are practical problems such as low logistics efficiency, high cost, low degree of organization of logistics enterprises, low service level, low profitability, low logistics efficiency, low degree of informatization, lack of talents, and few comprehensive third-party logistics enterprises that can undertake the logistics business of large industrial and commercial enterprises in an all-round way."

"in the information age, the real and timely release and acquisition of information is the key to the efficient operation of logistics, and the existing information platform in the province is not enough to ensure all this. It is suggested that government departments establish an authoritative platform to realize the interconnection of information through strict audit institutions, so as to achieve the full and effective allocation of logistics resources."

after the deployment of the Shanxi provincial CPPCC, Wang Ning, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC, Hao Ruizhen, member of the provincial CPPCC, and the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce put forward relevant suggestions on the bottleneck of the development of the logistics industry

yuanchunqing, Secretary of Shanxi provincial Party committee, once proposed: "Shanxi should aim at the goal of building a modern logistics center around the Bohai Sea and the middle reaches of the Yellow River, plan an overall logistics industry chain relying on the advantages of coal, integrate and improve the organizational degree and socialized allocation ability of the logistics industry to implement preferential tariffs through the agreed tax rate and preferential tax situation, integrate information technology such as IOT into the logistics industry, and form a professional, large-scale and intensive modern logistics system." For the logistics industry, the party and government and the CPPCC should timely check whether the oil source is leaking oil, and the exhibition goal is highly consistent. Wang Fu, director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Shanxi will focus on cultivating the logistics spatial layout of "one core, three regions and multiple nodes", and build a spatial distribution structure of logistics industry with prominent priorities, clear levels, perfect functions and distinctive characteristics. "One core" is to build a core area for the development of modern logistics industry with Taiyuan metropolitan area as the center. A number of key projects including bonded, warehousing, processing, centralized transportation, trade circulation and financial services will be included in the construction plan; The "three districts" are the logistics center area for coal and equipment manufacturing in northern Shanxi, the comprehensive logistics distribution center area in southern Shanxi, and the logistics channel base from Eastern Shanxi to eastern coastal areas. "Multi node" means taking Taiyuan Jinzhong as the core, the regional central city as the node, the county as the support, and the central market town as the point to build an orderly, safe, fast, efficient and low-cost human flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow, and business fluid system between cities and between urban and rural areas

it is reported that in order to optimize the regional distribution of logistics development and support the orderly development of logistics function accumulation areas such as logistics parks, Shanxi Province will focus on strengthening six major professional systems on the basis of adopting the suggestions of the CPPCC, namely, professional, large-scale, intensive, modern coal logistics system and equipment manufacturing logistics system, agricultural and sideline products and agricultural means of production logistics system, import and export commodity logistics system. At the same time, the provincial government will integrate the existing logistics resources and fully promote the construction of nine logistics carriers: Sanjin Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Port Park, Taiyuan Wusu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, China (Taiyuan) coal trading center, Taiyuan Luoke Jiahua IOT, Meitehao logistics distribution center, Shanxi grain logistics center, Shanxi coal comprehensive logistics distribution system, Shanxi energy trading and investment group public warehousing logistics distribution network system Logistics distribution system of agricultural and sideline products in urban and rural areas of Shanxi Province

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