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Logistics enterprises rush to eat the "Christmas meal" in advance

now the shipping market has entered the peak season, and the market volume has increased rapidly. This market recovery has broken the gloomy situation since the previous period, and the occupancy rate of shipping spaces on routes such as Europe, the United States and Canada has significantly increased, which also gives us a sigh of relief. Yesterday, Mr. Chen, the relevant person in charge of the first shipping company in our city, told me so. At present, the shipping market has begun to enter the peak season, and shipping companies have also begun to increase the peak season surcharge of $60~130/teu. With the arrival of Christmas cargo volume in September, the shipping market volume will further expand. For this, logistics enterprises in our city have begun to negotiate with shipping companies and shippers to seize the opportunity of the peak season to seize more market share. Pay close attention to the Christmas volume

during the visit, it was found that many logistics enterprises in our city have begun to prepare to undertake Christmas orders. According to Mr. Xu, head of the shipping department of a logistics enterprise in Hong Kong Middle Road, the shipping market has experienced a rare recovery in the past month, but this is also expected, which also indicates the arrival of the peak season of the shipping market. It is expected that the market will usher in Christmas orders in September, and the shipping market volume will be further expanded, which will become an important position for logistics enterprises to compete. At present, we have begun to cooperate with shipping companies The shipper and other parties should contact and communicate with each other to try to attract more customers with more favorable freight rates. According to the analysis of insiders, the peak of Christmas shipments in the maritime market is generally from September to November every year, and the increase of toys and textiles is also large in export goods. In contrast, the peak of Christmas shipments by air will be later. It takes only oneortwo days for air cargo to reach all parts of the world. It is expected that the peak season of Christmas cargo by air will begin in late October

it is understood that since the first half of this year, the competition of logistics enterprises for sea freight volume has entered a white hot. Due to the lack of market freight volume, various enterprises have their own ways to compete for the limited supply of goods. Some enterprises provide more favorable freight rates through cooperation with shipping companies, and some enterprises strive for more supply of goods by improving door-to-door services. This competition is bound to intensify in the peak season, This competition is not only reflected in logistics enterprises, but also among shipping companies. It is mainly due to the increase of transport capacity of routes such as Europe and the Mediterranean

Mr. Chen said that at present, the average cabin utilization rate of the company's European to local routes is only about 90%, which is still a big gap compared with last year. Due to the substantial growth of transportation capacity this year, all container ships are not satisfied, which intensifies the competition among shipping companies, and is also the main reason for the low increase of surcharges in the peak season this year. At the same time, in order to strive for market share, Some shipping companies also contract business with ultra-low freight rates, which makes the market competition more intense

Bo Chuang places the mold locking cylinder behind the moving template

the market tends to improve

it is understood that with the improvement of the situation of the routes between Europe and the United States and Canada, the shipping companies in our city have also begun to impose a small peak season surcharge. Among them, with the strong support of the state, the increase of the routes between Europe and the United States is $65 to $130, the increase of the routes between the United States and Canada is $75 to $100, the increase of the routes between Southeast Asia is only $20 to $30, and the peak season surcharge of the routes between central and South America has also begun to be levied, At present, only two shipping companies, namely, France Dafei and Japan Post, are levying the tax

Mr. Chen said: in fact, the shipping company is also very cautious in charging peak season surcharges. At the same time, we are also keeping an eye on the market trend and adjusting freight rates and other charges at any time

at present, the average utilization rate of seats on European and Mediterranean routes is more than 90%. However, the demand situation has just improved, and it is not yet to the extent that shipping companies restore confidence and increase freight rates. Therefore, the freight rate of this route remains at a low level, but the surcharge increases slightly in peak season. In contrast, the situation of the US Canada route is better. First, it is a new nano material with the thinnest, the strongest strength and the strongest conductivity found so far. From the reaction of some logistics enterprises in our city, the cargo owners of the US West Route made frequent inquiries, and the traffic volume increased significantly, while the US east route was almost full

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