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Logistics automation technology ensures the traceability safety of dairy products

with the increasing production scale, the company will transform old equipment to meet higher requirements for traceability. By using RFID and three-dimensional warehouse, the distribution time is shortened and the accuracy is improved. But the higher the degree of automation of the three-dimensional warehouse, the higher the maintenance cost

in recent years, with the strict national regulations on food quality and safety and the growing production scale of the enterprise, the company has transformed the old equipment that is not equipped with sorting, identification and other systems, in order to meet the higher requirements for quality, safety, traceability and so on. At present, all the equipment in the factory has been automated, which is also the future development goal of the company

in terms of safety traceability, all dairy products of Guangming dairy adopt batch processing, and detailed process records are required for a series of processes such as raw material selection, fermentation, production, storage and distribution. Before the application of automation system, most data records were completed manually

now, process monitoring is mainly realized through RFID, including adding detectors, temperature controllers and other related equipment in the production process, setting appropriate safety values according to and at least one production situation of the construction floor, and completing the dual functions of monitoring and correction. Through computer program control, the next process can be carried out only after the monitoring meets the standard. Bright Dairy has achieved traceability management for all finished products, greatly improving the quality supervision and control ability of products. Although the investment in equipment has greatly increased the cost of enterprises, it has also changed the international influence of many plastic extruder industries, the process of artificial control, and the product quality has been greatly improved

Guangming dairy has applied a series of advanced equipment in the production, storage and distribution of dairy products. For example, after dairy products are offline, it is necessary to spray, establish and improve the long-term mechanism code and marking to prevent and resolve excess capacity, and use the sorting system to sort and eliminate problematic products, so as to better identify the advantages and disadvantages of products. Due to the different distribution locations of different dairy products, batch management is carried out through RFID and computer systems, and products are distributed to different areas according to needs, so as to realize automation in the whole process

in the storage area, Guangming dairy adopts AGV, three-dimensional warehouse, RFID and other technologies. Because for dairy products, the output of one day may reach hundreds of single products that can meet the relevant national and international standards. It is much more complicated to arrange and combine the products in different combinations and then send them to different regions than to manage the products with a single category and large output. Through the use of RFID and three-dimensional warehouse, we can shorten the distribution time and improve the accuracy

agv also plays an important role in the process of products offline to the storage area. It can guide products to the stacker in the three-dimensional shelf area according to instructions, and then the stacker completes the storage of goods. As far as AGV is concerned, the tasks undertaken in dairy factories are mainly considered in terms of frequency and weight. The product weight of Guangming dairy is 600kg ~ 1.5T. From various comprehensive considerations, domestic AGV has higher cost performance and is more suitable for production conditions

the equipment in the storage area should be able to effectively withstand the low temperature environment, and the operation stability of the double depth pallet three-dimensional warehouse with a total area of 2200m2 and a height of 22m is also a knowledge. Due to the "short-circuit effect" of the cold air, it is impossible to stack the shelves very tightly, and the temperatures of the upper and lower layers may vary a lot. Therefore, setting and controlling the temperature of each station in the three-dimensional warehouse through sensors can ensure the best storage environment of products

the application of automation system has long been common in foreign food and beverage enterprises, but it has only been implemented in China in recent years due to the problems of cost and labor. The dairy output of Guangming dairy can reach 5000 ~ 6000t at the peak and about 3000t in the off-season. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse with an inventory of 5000t can fully meet the current production, storage and distribution needs

the problem that Guangming dairy needs to improve is that in terms of filling, there are many hidden dangers in domestic equipment, such as incomplete cleaning, sanitary dead corners and other problems, which affect product quality and shelf life; In terms of logistics, enterprises will spend expensive maintenance costs for automation systems every year. (end)

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