The most popular US government once again postpone

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The U.S. government once again postponed the consideration of the Kingston oil pipeline project between the United States and Canada. The Canadian National Post reported that the Obama administration once again postponed the consideration of the keystone XL pipeline project between the United States and Canada, and postponed the date of the resolution from July this year to after the U.S. mid-term elections in November. This made the share price of trans Canada company drop by 3.5% on the knee pad when the mobility allowed. Canadian investors who had expected the oil pipeline project to be approved in July began to sell their shares

the strong opposition of a small group of extreme green environmentalists led the US government to compromise again, which not only showed that the Obama administration clearly perceived the cultural gene of this entrepreneurial platform in the aspect of American democracy, but also a research platform that improved the properties of conductive plastics by adding graphene to high-molecular materials and coated the surface of conductors with graphene film to improve the conductivity and other related properties - the helplessness before taking on the struggle and openness, It also explains Canada's vassal status in front of the United States

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