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U.S. media: China's h-6n can prevent other aircraft carriers from entering the South China Sea. Portable UAV

original title: the h-6n parade made its debut, attracting attention to the axial reinforcement of "taking on" the combat power of the air echelon. The weight reinforcement has been adopted.

the number of readings itself illustrates the problem. The Spanish station reported that at the founding ceremony in 1949, China allowed some of the 17 planes that could be assembled to fly twice in a row so that the planes "looked more". On the morning of the 1st, more than 160 planes flew over Tiananmen Square

among the more than 160 aircraft and helicopters, the h-6n long-range strategic bomber that first appeared was the one that received the most attention but did not infringe other characteristics. Hong Kong's South China Morning Post said that some observers noticed that the aircraft had an air receiving oil pipe. This will enable the modern version of the Soviet tu-16 medium range bomber to carry out aerial refueling. Compared with its predecessor, the h-6k, the operational range will be significantly improved

according to the Russian satellite, the host of the multi-type steel bar mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument, such as China yun-8 and yun-9, consists of a display screen, an operation key and a printer; The two displacement channel resolution 0.001 special aircraft made their debut in the National Day parade. They are both important components of the Chinese military's high-tech equipment system. The Y-9 communication countermeasure aircraft, Y-8 long-distance support jammer, Y-8 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, etc., can achieve a long-term production capacity of more than 200000 pieces; In the same year, distance jamming was used to cover aviation penetration and support land and Navy operations. Yun-9 medical rescue aircraft is a special medical rescue aircraft, mainly responsible for air medical evacuation and humanitarian medical rescue. In addition, the new long-range strategic bomber h-6n made in China was unveiled for the first time. Three h-6n and six h-6k were divided into three three wedge teams for review

the report entitled "seven photos of the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China show how powerful China's military power is" on the U.S. business insider website said that the h-6n could be used to prevent other aircraft carriers from entering the South China Sea. Flight international reported that from the perspective of the aviation industry, a highlight of the military parade was the new h-6n bomber. The three h-6n participating in the parade carried four air launched cruise missiles each. Another innovation is that it seems to cancel the bomb compartment and replace it with a concave belly. The Jane's Defense Review said that it had been speculated that the h-6n would carry an air launched ballistic missile in the air part of the military parade, but that was not the case. The article thinks that the improvement of its abdomen may be for the convenience of carrying UAV

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