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The United States launched polyethylene fiber tear resistant textiles

United signal company in the United States has used VOCs to quantitatively control the design of self-produced ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber woven into nylon, which has been approved by FDA to produce industrial textiles with excellent tear resistance and wear resistance

it is reported that the strength of polyethylene fiber in the tear resistant textile developed by United signal company is 7 times higher than that of nylon, which can effectively prevent any experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. from extending the puncture and tear

due to the excellent tear resistance of the tear resistant textiles produced by United signal company, the footwear, bone sliding clothing and sports equipment manufacturing industry have great interest in this kind of textiles. The demand for ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber is increasing all over the world. United signal company has established an ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber production plant in corona heights, Virginia, which has been fully put into operation

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