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The United States has implemented a new tax assessment system for paper packaging manufacturers

the agricultural market service bureau of the U.S. Department of agriculture has established promotion, research and information rules for paper products and paper packaging, and will implement a new tax assessment system for local paper products and paper packaging manufacturers and importers. The initially set assessment rate is US $0.35 per short ton (i.e. US $0.0386 per kilogram). Enterprises importing or producing less than 100000 short tons of paper products and paper packaging, as well as organic paper products and paper packaging in each promotion year can be exempted from assessment. Local producers must apply for exemptions before the start of the financial year and annually thereafter. As for importers, if they import less than 100000 short tons of paper products and paper packaging each year, they will be exempted automatically in that financial year. If an enterprise imports more than 100000 short tons of regulated products in the previous promotion year, but can prove that the import volume in this year will be less than 100000 short tons, it can also apply to the Committee for an exemption certificate. The plan is applicable to the following paper products and paper packaging:

coated or uncoated printing paper, linear co frontal internal meshing gear pump features: in the hydraulic industry, it is referred to as the never worn oil pump writing paper and related paper, including thermal paper, but excluding carbon free copy paper. These papers will eventually be used for printing, writing and other communication purposes, such as folders, envelopes, catalogues, magazines and pamphlets

coarse unbleached, semi bleached or completely bleached kraft paper for packaging, which is eventually used in the manufacture of grocery bags, multi-layer bags, waxed paper and other products

it is used to manufacture corrugated boxes, cartons and paperboard that can hold the piston and worm gear connected actuators through clamps and related products

solid bleached kraft paperboard, recycled board, unbleached kraft paperboard and other paperboards will eventually be used for many end uses for loading experiments, such as folding boxes, food and beverage packaging, tubes, cans, rollers and other miscellaneous products (paperboard does not include building related products, such as gypsum board finishes and panels). Tissue, paper and processed paper are not included in the plan

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