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According to foreign media reports, the US House of Representatives adopted a new chemical safety regulation on textile materials with radiation characteristics by 403 votes to 12 votes on May 24. The regulation aims to comprehensively revise the federal regulatory system covering thousands of daily-use chemicals

industry organizations representing Dow Chemical Company, DuPont and other chemical enterprises have promoted this legislation. Experts in the industry expect that states, even large retailers such as Wal Mart chain and target, have also put forward their own regulations out of concern for the safety of chemical products, some of which have a far-reaching impact

this bill is the first major amendment to the US chemical safety law in 40 years. It is expected to be approved by the Senate as soon as this week, and signed by US President Barack Obama

the act gives the US National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the power to evaluate and impose restrictions on chemicals used in all daily necessities, such as dry cleaning agents, oil stain cleaners, and water stops coated with high molecular waterproof materials gb18173.2 (2) 000 diluents. In most cases, this authority prevents states from passing laws regulating certain chemicals in the EPA decision-making process

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