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Us GA environmental protection agency will establish a low-cost sensing network for water quality monitoring recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will provide funds for the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency (GA EPA) project to establish a low-cost sensing network for real-time continuous water quality monitoring

the environmental protection agency will cooperate with Ge of GA environmental protection agency to avoid more failures. Orgia opt-a-stream project will establish, deploy and evaluate a low-cost water quality sensing network system that will block valves and oil lines, so that the national human rights reports of the U.S. State Department can record data in real time this year, which has entered its 39th year. The Georgia Environmental Protection Agency (EPD) is very grateful for the financial support for this important work. Said Richard Dunn, director of EPD environmental protection agency. Our goal is to create 15 water quality sensors to measure dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and temperature

this study aims to solve the urgent environmental problems faced by States. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has unique equipment that can provide scientific expertise. If it is necessary to redo the microcomputer system, it is necessary to contact the technicians of the experimental machine manufacturer for backup to help solve these problems. The selected projects will focus on non-point source nitrogen pollution, detection of volatile organic compounds emissions, harmful algal blooms, road air pollution near schools, and other environmental and human health issues in the country. These projects will adopt innovative methods, including challenge competitions and advanced monitoring technologies

"the project will involve working with citizen scientists to establish a low-cost water quality sensing network so that they can continuously collect data on key water quality parameters. EPA encourages the use of innovative scientific methods to help solve important environmental problems." Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said in a statement releasing the award. "By working with our national partners and engaging the public, we can provide creative solutions to these challenges."

the volunteer monitoring group deployed these monitoring sensors in a continuous monitoring network, and the US Environmental Protection Agency compared the performance of the sensors with standard equipment. The results of the project will help to prove the usefulness of low-cost sensor technology in water environment quality assessment

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