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The Obama cancer group of the U.S. government promotes the supervision of chemicals

the recent recall of Johnson & Johnson is a heated debate, and the safety supervision of chemicals is becoming more and more important. Disputes over the impact of chemical regulatory regulations on the environment and human health are getting hotter and hotter. More and more people in the United States are calling for the reform of the chemical management regulations, while the "President Obama team" claims that there is no conclusive basis for whether the chemicals exposed to the environment are harmful to the environment and human body. Therefore, the government needs to conduct a new round of comprehensive discussion on environmental pollution and human health before reaching a conclusion

according to the president's cancer group from the US government, "the existing information on the occurrence of cancer complications caused by environmental pollution is entirely based on some outdated scientific evidence, which greatly underestimates the actual impact of the environment on cancer." On May 6, the reform group also released its annual report entitled "reducing the risk of environmental cancer makes the upper and lower jaws different: what can we do now"

the report shows: "Infants, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to environmental pollutants. At present, the environmental regulations in the United States are reactionary rather than preventive. As a result, weak laws and regulations are ineffective due to lack of funds, insufficient staffing, imperfect laws and regulations, unbalanced decentralization and law enforcement, excessive supervision and insufficient funds and staffing.

decentralized and decentralized law enforcement and The imbalance, coupled with overlapping institutions and industry influence and other factors, leads to the fact that the chemical regulatory regulations are just words on paper

these factors will inevitably lead to the functional failure of government agencies and weaken the subjective initiative of the government to identify and eliminate hazards. However, some chemical industries just take advantage of weak regulatory links, such as government reaction, rather than preventive regulation. They will also use some outdated calculation methods of the government to load the sample through the movement of the beam of the experimental machine, so as to claim that the possibility of environmental harm to human body is small. This method has been effectively used by some industries to introduce some untested chemicals

since the introduction of the US toxic substances control act, the United States has successively introduced a plan on how to reform the chemical management three weeks ago. The report of the president's cancer group is further consolidated three weeks after the introduction of the plan to build an exchange and cooperation platform for sharing information, resources and achievements, thus laying a new era for the reform of chemical management methods

according to the provisions of the toxic substances control law, in the past 34 years, the environmental protection agency can only supervise five chemicals, and only 200 of 80000 commercial chemicals have been tested

the proposed reform will require the production of a minimum data set of all chemicals used and exposed, require the EPA's chemical risk assessment to investigate how chemicals affect people sensitive to chemicals, such as children and pregnant women, based on health, and establish a series of mechanisms for the EPA to identify chemicals more quickly

the American Chemical Commission has not yet completed this report. However, In an e-mail, they replied:

"although we believe that the toxic substances control law has always adhered to the protection of human health and the environment, the scientific progress and the improvement of management institutions are mutual. Although we have not had the opportunity to review the report, we would like to point out that we have always supported the National Research on environmental problems leading to children's diseases.

the report of the president's Cancer Group also said, "We have seriously underestimated the real cancer burden caused by the environment. There are more than 80000 chemicals in the U.S. market, and millions of Americans are using these chemicals in their daily lives. Many of them have not been fully studied and there are no relevant regulatory measures, so the carcinogenic chemicals exposed in the environment are very common. Therefore, it is very necessary to widely publicize and inculcate the information about the health hazards of these toxic substances to the public Yes

the report particularly uses a case of bisphenol A. although bisphenol A is associated with several diseases, including cancer, bisphenol a still exists in many consumer goods and is still unregulated in the United States

"although a large number of media have exposed the potential hazards of bisphenol A, many citizens are still not aware of some carcinogenic chemicals exposed to the environment, such as formaldehyde and benzene products. Most people are even less aware that children are more vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation hazards than adults.

professor ffall, Jr., of Howard University School of medicine in the United States, said "There is a long way to go if we want to identify the existing carcinogens and reduce the known consumer goods in our daily life. Although we have no conclusive evidence at present, some known carcinogens have forced us to take action."

according to the report, the key to hindering the control of cancer caused by the environment lies in the insufficient research on the environmental impact of cancer risk, some inaccurate research and assessment at present, and the adverse supervision of environmental chemicals and other dangerous goods

in addition, the report states that, "The purpose of trying to identify, quantify and control environmental chemicals that cause cancer has been complicated between the United States and countries due to different measures, using assessment processes and classifications in the structure of various institutions. At this time, we do not know how many environmental chemicals are exposed to wind and affect cancer-related immune and endocrine disorders, but we need to determine the severity of environmental impact on cancer, although we may There is no conclusive evidence, but the current cooperation projects between the company and Jilin Province are increasing day by day: 1 There is one investment enterprise in Jilin Province. The quantity of chemicals and the emission of carcinogens force us to take action to protect public health. "

"The policy of putting prevention first is bound to replace the current reactionary measures, because substances harmful to human health must be first confirmed before they are reduced and contained into the environment. This method should be a new national cancer prevention strategy, re guiding the research direction and the lighting of the government's agenda, so as to specify precise goals for reducing and curbing the release of toxic substances into the environment.

the report points out that the United States should approve new chemicals Before using the product, the burden of proving the safety of the product should be transferred to the manufacturer

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