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In the home decoration coating industry chain, painters are easy to be ignored and play an important role. On the one hand, there has been a saying in the industry that "three coatings, seven construction". It can be seen that the importance of lacquering technology for coating effect can be seen. On the other hand, paint has brought more and more harm. Many painters are actually exchanging their lives for money

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1 million painters in China. And for a long time, "daily salary kills white-collar workers" is people's evaluation of painters. So, what about the real working environment and life of painters? Recently, the reporter walked into the life of painters to find out

painters work in an environment full of pungent smell for many years, which is undoubtedly a threat to their health. According to the follow-up survey, most of the workers who have worked for more than 10 years have cough, headache, chest tightness, easy fatigue, limb weakness and other symptoms. At the same time, the proportion of this group suffering from aplastic anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy and other serious diseases is also quite high

Master Wang, a painter from Huaibei, Anhui Province, has been engaged in painting for 10 years. He told reporters that in March 2010, his fellow countryman was introduced by an acquaintance to work as a painter in a decoration company in Lanzhou. At the end of that year, the fellow countryman felt unwell. The next spring, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia in the hospital and died of ineffective treatment in April

Tao Wenhua is an experienced painter in his 40s. He said that in their profession, they can't get high wages when they come. First, they have to learn to bear hardships. For example, when he works as a painter, he faces the wall ash and various paints every day, working from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and sometimes working until after 7 p.m. for more than 10 hours. Even if you wear work clothes, you often get covered with oil, and your hair is full of paint and dust, which can't be washed off

"inhaling dust is inevitable. This is work. Those who work in our industry will more or less catch respiratory diseases or lung diseases. Many people quit in their 50s, and even 'retire' early because of physical reasons in their 40s. It's no exaggeration to do this at the expense of health. Don't see the high salary. I think we deserve it." Master Tao said

painters' work is to accompany "diseases" and exchange their youth and health for life. "Health for money before the age of 40, and money for life after the age of 40", this is the summary of many painters on their living conditions

in recent years, the central and local governments have vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization and successively issued various environmental protection standards and policies. Under the guidance of the policy, the trend of "environmental protection" is triggered from top to bottom. Water paint represented by Chenyang water paint will create a green and healthy defense line for painters, so that everyone can have a healthy and environmentally friendly life

compared with traditional paint, water-based paint mainly uses water as diluent, with ultra-low VOC content, no free TDI, formaldehyde and other heavy metals, no toxic and harmful substances, no odor when painting, simple operation, and no special labor protection, so as to create a solid health defense line for painters

a person in charge of Chenyang water paint, a well-known domestic water paint brand, said that "changing oil to water" is imminent for paint environmental protection. The use and popularization of water paint will greatly reduce harmful gas emissions, which is of great significance to the atmospheric environment, improving the indoor air environment, and the health of painters. To this end, recently, Chenyang water paint manufacturer specially organized a family sympathy activity with "brothers, welcome home", to train hundreds of painters from all over the country in water paint knowledge and professional skills, so as to help bid farewell to high-risk occupational diseases. The warm-hearted move of the enterprise really moved the painters

finally, Xiaobian reminded the painters that "making money is precious, and the price of health is higher", and do not "exchange life for money". I hope every painter can have a good harvest of "wealth" and "health"





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