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Things that must be considered before floor renovation, because the essence of floor renovation is to polish off the top layer, usually 1-2 mm, and then repaint, so not all floors can be renovated. Only tables

things that must be considered before floor renovation

because the essence of floor renovation is to polish off the top layer, usually 1-2 mm, and then repaint, so not all floors can be renovated. Only solid wood floors, composite floors or bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4 mm or more are suitable for renovation. In addition, parquet flooring and laminate flooring should not be renovated. The former will remove the surface pattern after polishing, and the significance of its mosaic will disappear; The latter will damage the wear-resistant layer on the surface and aggravate aging after polishing

in addition, if the floor is seriously damaged, moldy, deformed, etc., it is not suitable to simply polish and paint it. If conditions permit, it can be removed and repaired, and then reset and installed. Of course, the cause of the problem should be handled well, and there should be a certain amount of preparation for loss

finally, it is best to remove the furniture and sundries in the house in advance before the floor renovation, so the best renovation time is undoubtedly when the whole home is renovated, and the owner can decide the time by himself

incidentally, there is also a kind of PVC wood grain self-adhesive floor, which is generally 2mm thick and imitates the floor effect. The pasting is very simple. You can DIY paste it on the floor after purchase, so as long as the original floor is relatively flat and there are no big problems such as water seepage, you can also use this method “ Renovation ”, The price per square meter is only 5 or 60 yuan

floor renovation process

1. Selection of service providers and determination of housing plan: it mainly depends on the owner's own needs, but if the floor surface problem is serious, it is recommended to find a professional company with comprehensive treatment methods

2. Preliminary grinding: the first step of renovation is grinding. Now there are professional machines, but it should be noted that in order to ensure the effect, different degrees of sandpaper need to be used for grinding. In addition, the air quality at the grinding site is very poor, so it is recommended to prepare props such as masks in advance

3. Detail grinding: for the grinding of edges and corners, special edge grinding machines are needed, and some particularly deep corners even need manual processing. However, considering the flatness, try to polish with machine

4. Gap repair: if the floor is used for a long time, it will often be deformed, contracted, warped and other problems due to various reasons, which need to be repaired. Small joints shall be filled with floor sawdust mixed putty; Large seams sometimes need to be filled with wooden strips; The upturned place should also be nailed

5. Cleaning: use a professional dust suction machine to remove the ground sawdust

6. Painting: first apply the primer evenly in both horizontal and vertical directions, and then wait for 2 hours to dry thoroughly, and then conduct a fine grinding again, mainly to avoid burr retention. Then paint the top, and determine the brushing times according to the actual situation, generally 1-2 times

7. Cleaning: evacuate after cleaning. The floor paint can generally walk after 8 hours, restore the furniture after 24 hours, and wet wash the floor after 7 days

8. Acceptance and warranty: professional services should be paid off after the owner signs the qualified form, and there should be regular follow-up visits to ensure that there are no follow-up problems




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