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The household shoe cabinet has a wide range of uses,

and is suitable for opening up a variety of forms of space

however, no matter what kind of design, it is always a common phenomenon to change shoes near the household shoe cabinet

if there is no bench in the household shoe cabinet,

are you willing to change your shoes with bare feet

"Golden Rooster independence" experience I believe everyone has had,

today I want to share several reasonable design schemes for home-based shoe cabinets,

I hope everyone can gain something

simple European style

l-shaped porch shoe cabinet design and reasonable layout not only achieve the purpose of storage, but also beautify and decorate the porch, killing two birds with one stone. The mirror position can place bags and decorations, and you can sit there and wear shoes and change shoes, which is very convenient

New Chinese style

this porch shoe cabinet belongs to a practical and beautiful design concept. The design on the left can not only increase the sense of space and privacy of the porch and living room, but also does not affect the ventilation and light transmittance of the two spaces; The design of the shoe cabinet on the right is convenient for changing shoes and has a sense of life

modern fashion style

the stepped shoe cabinet not only meets the storage function, but also increases the interesting design. The cabinets with different heights can place shoes of different heights, and the biggest feature of the stepped shoe cabinet is the design of a shoe changing stool (the lowest floor can be used as a stool by removing the decorations), which makes it easier for family and friends to wear shoes and change shoes when entering and leaving the door

modern fashion style

using the space of the wall, considering the load-bearing range of the wall, the embedded shoe cabinet is designed at the porch, which can ensure that the shoe cabinet is safe enough. The messy shoes are all placed in the shoe cabinet, and a space for stools is designed at the embedded position to provide guests with shoes

European style

the central part is designed with a hollowed out table, which can be decorated with green plants or photo frames. There is also a shoe changing position next to it. Such a design is highly exquisite and has strong storage space. It is definitely the first choice for the design of household shoe cabinets

if decoration is a pity, then the design of entering the home shoe cabinet without a stool must be a failure. Entering the shoe cabinet is the first scenery we see after entering the door. We should consider more practical functions than beauty





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