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In the first hundreds of years, the dado was mainly used in European castles and palaces. Today, the dado has been widely used in villas, high-end residences and people who pursue taste

the origin of the function of solid wood dado

origin 1: in 16th century England, local people designed this structure to block the damp and cold under the wall and play the role of heat preservation

origin 2: originated in the Netherlands 1300 years ago, it is used to prevent the back of the chair from scratching the wall, and also reduce the damage of the scabbard worn by soldiers to the wall

in the first hundreds of years, wall panels were mainly used in European castles and palaces. Up to now, wall panels have been widely used in villas, high-end houses and people who pursue taste

advantages of solid wood dado

1 UV and radiation protection

the wooden structure can absorb most of the UV, and has a strong adsorption effect on radiation, significantly improving the quality of the home and office environment. And wood can scatter light and reduce eye fatigue and damage

2. Reduce noise and promote sleep

according to the detection of national authoritative departments, the sound insulation of the wall panel is up to 29 dB, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of more than half of the solid wall. The wall panel can produce perfect diffuse reflection of sound, which can effectively buffer the impact of subwoofer. In addition, the material itself has a good absorption of bad sharp waves of sound, so as to form a perfect level 3 noise reduction function in space, which can greatly improve the sleep quality of 1/3 of life

3. Warm in winter and cool in summer

the wooden structure of the wall panel will make the room warm in winter and cool in summer, which can regulate the air humidity in the room. After testing, the insulation efficiency of the wall protection panel is much higher than the national standard. The ratio of the room with and without the wall protection panel is: the indoor temperature difference is 7 degrees; Compared with paint, the difference is 10 degrees, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable

4. Wear resistance

the parapet has high compressive strength and flexural strength, and is an upgraded product of latex paint. Wear resistance and wear resistance are far better than common coatings and wallpapers. It is more suitable if there are children at home. The TV background, sofa background, restaurant background, bedside background and other areas in the home can well protect the walls

5. Natural environmental protection

wood materials are natural environmental protection, safe and tasteless. The overall home decoration of the room can reduce the on-site painting process, and can well solve the problems of long on-site decoration time and difficult volatilization of paint smell

6. Adjust moisture and purify air

wood structure can adjust moisture in the air. When the water vapor pressure in the air is greater than that of wood, wood absorbs moisture from the air, which is moisture absorption. On the contrary, it is desorption. Thus, it can automatically adjust indoor humidity and improve the quality of living environment. At the same time, the wooden structure can release negative oxygen ions in the desorption process to purify the air, which is conducive to relieving physical and mental fatigue

7. Beautify the space

the dado endowed with the essence of classical culture and art, with elegant style and elegant temperament, can not only improve the living taste, but also give the enjoyment of beauty

8. Balanced health preservation

people rely on all things in nature to survive, and have a natural connection with nature. Good wood is not only a good material for making high-end furniture, but also a treasure of human health care. For example, in the compendium of Materia Medica, it is described that lobular red sandalwood has the effects of calming the heart, calming the nerves, relaxing tendons and activating blood circulation, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain

main style of solid wood dado

1 Chinese style

has the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance, which is profound, elegant and beautiful. In terms of space, it pays attention to the scattered levels and the combination of emptiness and reality. In terms of modeling, traditional Chinese symbols are often used: Huizi lattice, Zhizi lattice, lattice carving, etc., and then embellished with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, with a strong scholarly smell, unique charm, washing the soul, making people return to the original

2. European style

the origin of solid wood dado, its noble and elegant European luxury style, exudes a unique charming temperament, gives people a sense of luxury, atmosphere and luxury, and often achieves a graceful decorative effect with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite modeling

3. American style

American style can be used as a kind of European style, but it is often separated independently, which is enough to reflect its uniqueness. Its color is dignified and has a large sense of volume. It is often dominated by dark coffee and oak. American style solid wood dado mainly highlights its simple shape, simple and smooth lines, natural and generous. And then decorated with simple but not monotonous carved ornaments, giving people a sense of comfort, nature, leisure and freedom

4. French style

often reflects a magnificent, luxurious and comfortable feeling. The typical practice is to use light colors, white and off white as the background color, and then match it with gold decorative lines and carvings. Dazzling, highlighting its gorgeous and magnificent feeling, people have a fantasy color of entering the aristocratic life circle

5. Mediterranean style

white and blue are its main colors. These are the most simple elements from nature, combined with solid wood, fresh and bright, vibrant and sunny. In terms of modeling, generally choose the smooth straight line type, and the arc line type is also a good choice

6. Neoclassical style

the solid wood dado of neoclassicism mainly highlights the combination of tradition and modernity, which brings us both the long tradition and modern fashion romance. Let us enjoy the wonderful process from simplicity to complexity, from complexity to simplification, and experience the connotation of elegance, nobility, peace and wealth

7. Simple style

the shape is simple, the details are perfect, and the atmosphere is smooth, so as to achieve the effect that less is better than more, and simplicity is better than complexity. It is especially popular with young people

basic structure and height of solid wood dado

the basic structure of solid wood dado includes: top line, upper and lower dado, waist line and skirting line. Supplemented by roman columns, carved boards, hollowed out boards, wallpapers, soft bags, etc

the height of solid wood dado is generally two methods: half height type, also known as dado, with a general height of 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. Full height type: the wall is as high as it is, and it is fully paved

half height dado ↓↓↓

full height dado ↓↓

common solid wood dado combination form

combination with stairs ↓↓ ↓

combination with wallpaper ↓ ↓ ↓

combination with soft bag ↓ ↓ ↓

combination with wine cabinet ↓ ↓ ↓

combination with bookcase ↓ ↓ ↓

combination with wardrobe ↓↓↓

combination with invisible door ↓↓↓

combination with pass ↓↓

combination with background wall ↓↓

Measurement of solid wood dado

1 Keep the wall clean

before installation, the wall should be clean, dry and flat, and the height should be snapped and leveled; In order to adapt to the local climatic conditions, it is best to put the wall panels in place for at least 48 hours after unpacking and packaging, and then install them

2. Before installation, the dimensions shall be designed in advance. Each block shall be squared and straightened before trial installation. After adjustment, it shall be formally nailed to avoid disordered patterns, uneven colors, uneven edges and corners, wrong dimensions, uneven surfaces, black lines at joints and lax joints

3. Pull a line to check whether the top of the parapet is straight before the operation of the roof. If there is any problem, correct it in time. Avoid uneven thickness, uneven height, splitting, etc. of the coping strip of the parapet

4. The wall surface needs moisture-proof treatment, because the wood products have a certain moisture content. If the wall is wet, it should be constructed after drying, or moisture-proof treatment should be done: for example, a moisture-proof layer should be made on the wall first, and waterproof and moisture-proof paint should be painted; Leave vent holes on and under the parapet

5. Gaps shall be left on the surface of the panel, and the height difference of the surface of the solid wood dado panel shall be less than 0.5mm; The width of the reserved joint between the plates shall be uniform, and the size deviation shall not be greater than 2mm; The diagonal length deviation of a single panel shall not be greater than 2mm; The perpendicularity deviation of the panel shall not be greater than 2mm

6. The internal and external corners should be horizontal and vertical. The internal and external corners of solid wood wall panels are the key and difficult points of construction, which should be paid special attention. The internal and external corners must be vertical and horizontal, and the butt joint must be 45 °

7. The skirting line and batten should be close to the panel. The skirting board and batten should be close to the panel without too large gap. The spacing between nails for fixing skirting board or batten shall not be greater than 300mm generally; The nail cap shall be flattened, and the depth into the lath shall be 0.5~1.0mm. The nail hole shall be greasy with the same color

measuring points of solid wood dado

1 It is better to use multi-layer boards for priming and leveling on site, and determine the position of the horizontal line and the height of the ceiling

2. We should draw the plan and elevation of the house type (especially the complex house type). Determine the production area, and then measure one by one according to the actual details

3. The positional relationship with other components (such as door jambs, blind openings, background walls, cabinets, staircases, etc.) should be considered as a whole in order to accurately calculate the size and quantity

4. The connection relationship with other components shall be considered, and the reserved amount shall be appropriately allowed for the convenience of on-site installation

5. When determining the detail size of solid wood wall panel, the internal and external corners, as well as the thickness of wall panel, foot line, waist line and top line height must be considered





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