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Under the new economic normal, the slowdown in the development of the overall household industry has become the consensus of the industry. In this context, household manufacturers, including the wardrobe industry, began to actively explore the path of enterprise transformation and upgrading. Among them, some wardrobe brands reflect on the hypermarket model with high channel costs, and take independent stores and online stores as important supplements to the hypermarket model. At the same time, strengthening cooperation with designers has also become a consensus for many wardrobe brands to seek long-term development. The wardrobe brand needs diversified channel construction, and furniture joins dewell

the hypermarket model is not universally applicable

with the decline in the growth rate of the industry, many practitioners in the wardrobe industry have realized that the hypermarket model is not universally applicable. In addition, home stores form a "gap" between furniture manufacturers and consumers, making it difficult for furniture manufacturers, including wardrobe brands, to get feedback from consumers at the first time. When talking about the industry's doubts about the chain hypermarket model, an insider said that the main problems of hypermarkets are the rapid expansion and the failure to deal with the relationship with dealers and manufacturers. The existence of hypermarket mode has its rationality and inevitability. The person also said that under the background of the sluggish industry, manufacturers and dealers should not put the blame on hypermarkets after encountering problems. Of course, as the cost of opening a store in a hypermarket gradually rises, more wardrobe brands choose independent stores and online stores as important supplements to the hypermarket model

wardrobe brands actively explore online e-commerce mode

in recent years, more and more wardrobe enterprises have begun to use e-commerce as a new channel for product sales and brand display. Compared with other modes, e-commerce mode will bring greater opportunities and challenges to the traditional home manufacturing industry. In the view of the industry, e-commerce can allow wardrobe manufacturers to directly connect consumers and directly enter the huge consumer market. In addition, the e-commerce model enables manufacturers to understand the needs and ideas of consumers at the first time. It is generally believed in the industry that in the future, wardrobe sales will not be the current exhibition economy and hypermarket model, but will gradually change to the "big network small entity" model. Industry analysts say that in the future, consumers' rational consumption will gradually be greater than emotional consumption, and they will prefer wardrobe products with high cost performance. At the same time, more and more consumers will choose to learn about home brand information such as wardrobe from the Internet. Therefore, the "big network and small entity" model, which is dominated by e-commerce and supplemented by small offline experience centers, will be the transformation direction of the future home industry model

strengthening cooperation with designers has become the consensus of industry development

at the same time, strengthening cooperation with designers has also become the consensus of many wardrobe brands in recent years. In many cases, what designers play is the bridge connecting customers and product manufacturers. Under the market background of scarce high-level design talents and design institutions, it is not uncommon for designers to carry large orders of tens of millions of yuan in their hands. In particular, the cooperation between engineering customized furniture enterprises and designers has released huge market energy by solving the "pain points" of consumers for many years. Many wardrobe enterprises said that designers are the leaders of consumers. Enterprises should provide designers with resources in time to match their design needs. Many enterprises cooperating with designers have found that after integrating products according to the needs of designers, product sales have increased rapidly, accompanied by large sales orders in large quantities

nowadays, many wardrobe brands regard channel innovation as a breakthrough to regain development vitality. Compared with the hypermarket model once relied on, wardrobe enterprises now prefer diversified channel construction, and integrate and allocate channel resources according to their own characteristics and goals

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