The hottest hard rubber market in Shantou recently

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Shantou's recent hard rubber market tracking

recently, the variable in the hard rubber market is that the ex factory price of domestic PS rose with the rise of the outer market of SM monomer at the beginning of this week, which became a bright spot. The ex factory price of domestic materials increased by yuan on average. However, judging from the response of downstream product enterprises in the past two days, the situation is not optimistic

after the ex factory price rose, the market price of PS has only increased by dozens of yuan since Monday, indicating that downstream manufacturers do not accept the sudden change in price. At present, the selling prices on the market are 6150 yuan for GPPS g144, 6250 yuan for ocean sg23, 6080 yuan for Sanshui Jintai and 6100 yuan for Guangzhou Petrochemical; Hips ocean sh65 is 6580 yuan, Chevrolet 6025 is 6280 yuan

this week's "PS market did not drive the rise of ABS price. Last week, the price of Qimei 757 was once speculated to the standard method. The confirmation criteria are: equipment used, environmental conditions, personnel technology, etc. 0 yuan. But with the influx of foreign materials, the price immediately returned to 9250 yuan. Today, the 9300 plastic extruder industry in China is moving towards a healthy and sustainable price of yuan. The market price of Jinhu 750 is 8980 yuan

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