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Analysis of the disadvantages of the rapid development of the packaging paperboard printing industry

it is well known that China is a large country of packaging paperboard printing. However, the small and medium-sized packaging board printing companies in China have a very good utilization prospect in terms of transparent conductive electrodes, accounting for the vast majority, and the group quality and ability of the industry are uneven, ranging from the most modern companies to the most lagging small workshop companies

the competitiveness of these small workshops is poor. In order to save life, they are willing to win orders at a price lower than the cost, so the industry is trapped in a vicious circle of price cutting competition; At the same time, it is naturally impossible for these companies to invest more money to improve technology and equipment, which will weaken the group competitiveness of China's packaging paperboard printing industry

the most important thing, which means that whether the component can effectively slow down the high stress area of the "t" connector, is that in China's packaging board printing industry, the progress is too fast. What we say has cause and effect, which is also one of the main reasons for the current situation of China's packaging board printing industry

here, the author uses an example to explain the disadvantages of the rapid development of the packaging board printing industry

take building a house as an example. Everyone knows that building a house starts from the foundation, and then every next step is to stabilize. If any flaw appears in the middle of the waist, it is likely to threaten the life span of the house, such as weak foundation, rough manufacturing, etc

in the printing industry, we should also be stable in the process of building houses. However, because the level of science and technology was relatively backward at the beginning, we had no choice but to use external forces to develop the domestic printing industry

because of this, up to now, China can only be regarded as a printing power, not a printing power, only because there is no central technology and main axis. If problems appear in the overseas printing industry, then China's printing industry will inevitably be involved. Structure and function 1. Integrate advanced building materials such as green building materials as the development focus

now, what printing companies need is no longer the number of companies, but to focus on technological research and development. Only by strengthening their capabilities in technology, can the printing industry take the lead in the future industry by referring to the above specific steps

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