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The rise of hardware B2B, demand blowout or value return

since the 1990s, China has made great progress in the development of the hardware industry, and has become a major country in hardware processing, export and consumption in the world. With the vigorous development of the industry, under the trend of Internet economic globalization, a number of hardware B2B are rising rapidly, and the vertical, subdivision and professional trends are becoming increasingly prominent. There is no doubt that B2B will inject vitality and vigor into the innovative development of the hardware industry. In the traditional hardware industry 028w/mk, why is B2B thriving? The blowout of market demand or the return of product value

well deserved hardware industry power

China is a hardware industry power, and its steel production capacity ranks first in the world, with 822.8 million tons in 2014 and 803.8 million tons in 2015. Last year, it was reduced under the supply side reform, and this capacity has approached or even exceeded the total capacity of other countries in the world. Hardware processing and export have developed rapidly, and hardware tools have become the main force of the market. Take Yongkang, China as an example. Over the past 20 years, Yongkang has gradually developed into a world-famous "capital of hardware". Hardware products represented by power tools, doors, cups and tableware occupy more than 70% of the national market. Yongkang hardware is exported to South Korea, Australia and other countries and regions, showing a steady growth trend. Hardware consumption potential is huge. In recent years, with the booming growth of real estate, transportation, communications, electronics, services and other industries, hardware demand and market consumption have been further activated, and the hardware industry is gradually developing towards refinement and quality

hardware B2B rises with the trend

steel B2B has been developing for some time. Looking for steel has opened the precedent of steel B2B and quickly laid out the depth of the industry. Now the development is expected to be fruitful. Minmetals and Alibaba investment hit it off immediately, establishing Minmetals Ali, following the trend of steel B2B, and trying to compete with steel. In the field of hardware vertical B2B, South China city and JD cloud have a strong alliance to launch a hardware vertical mall, which is expected to set off a hardware B2B frenzy. Based on the advantages of South China city's own physical wholesale market, o2o layout is imminent, and its development prospects cannot be underestimated. Looking at the hardware tool industry, although China has a large production scale, it does not occupy the brand advantage. In the field of electric tools, the United States, Japan and Germany have long dominated the medium and high-end market as their branches, and Chinese brands have always been difficult to rank in the forefront of the world. The rise of hardware B2B is expected to break the deadlock and revitalize the market. In recent years, Dongcheng, Guoqiang and other national power tool brands have gradually grown, which has doubled the confidence of Chinese hardware brands. The professional B2B platform for drugs and agricultural products hardware has contributed to the entry of national brands into the market, effectively breaking the long-term market sniping and channel blockade of imported brands

demand blowout or value return

the hardware industry has always been a tradition, which seems to have something to do with the hard-working spirit of Chinese people. Industrial development is changing rapidly. Under the world background that the United States pursues the quality revolution and Germany proposes industry 4.0, China has also solemnly introduced the 2025 made in China related plan. Driven by the information technology revolution in the 21st century, only by daring to innovate can we not become obsolete and embracing change can we not fall behind. With the rapid development of Internet, the rise of hardware B2B is inevitable. Under the motto of industrial rejuvenation for its excellent strength, overall mechanical performance and good cost control of mass production, B2B is being used as an innovative strategic supplement to activate the industrial development potential and promote the industry to a new high. The innovation ecosystem built by B2B has benefited the industrial chain and supply chain. The rise of hardware B2B represents the return of value. Value maximization and sustainable development will be the direction of industrial development. As for the demand blowout, whether the rise of hardware B2B can arouse the deep concern and use habits of the market will take time to verify

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