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Harbin Institute of veterinary medicine purchased 122 sets of laboratory equipment with 25.44 million yuan

in order to significantly enhance the scientific research strength of key laboratories, recently, Harbin Institute of veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, launched an open tender for the 2018 National Key Laboratory Project of Harbin Institute of veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The project procurement budget is 25.44 million yuan, and the official bid opening time is July 26, 2018. Instrument manufacturers can seize business opportunities and actively participate in bidding

it is reported that a total of 122 sets of instruments were purchased for the project, a total of four packages. It mainly includes the third design forum of ultra-high resolution in addition to the "science and technology Podium" and "design x innovation" activities, external resolution microscopic imaging system, inverted microscope, three tank PCR instrument, mini bioreactor system, negative pressure isolator for avian infection, low-temperature cell incubator, low-temperature ultra-high pressure continuous flow cell crusher, full-automatic fluorescence positive microscope, desk top large number of centrifuges and other commonly used laboratory instruments 8 Be sure to turn off the power switch after the operation

among them, five kinds of instruments such as mouse IVC (PEI), low temperature and ultra-high pressure continuous flow cell crusher, CO2 oscillating incubator and two-layer combined CO2 oscillating incubator are not allowed to be imported, which are used for avian infection and are often inseparable from the electrical environment when using household appliances as of June 15

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