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Qingdao high tech Zone: the "hard core" robot has arrived at the front line of the epidemic

the spraying system has been debugged, the cleaning path has been set, and the battery life test has been completed...... At 9:00 a.m. on January 31, a fully armed artificial intelligence device appeared at the door of the infectious diseases department of the West Coast Hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University on time. This robot, which integrates image recognition, machine learning, behavior planning and other black technologies, will replace human labor immediately from 2010 to now, and will be invested in 4 The vulnerable parts and consumables of the equipment are supplied all year round to ensure that the instrument can be used for a long time to disinfect the novel coronavirus pneumonia concentration area

the sanitation of the hospital isolation area is not only related to the health of the majority of medical workers, but also an important barrier to isolate the spread of the virus. The delivery of Wuniu disinfection robot will greatly reduce the contact between the isolation area and the outside world. Science and technology should be used at a critical time to benefit the people. Fang Ke, the operation director of Qingdao Wuniu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said that a few days ago, we learned through the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and the Management Committee of the high tech Zone that a batch of driverless equipment is urgently needed in the city's hospitals for unmanned disinfection, so we called technical personnel to reassemble and modular upgrade the original machines of our company for days, and delivered them nonstop after reaching the delivery standard

Qingdao Wuniu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., located in Qingdao high tech Zone, is an enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of driverless machinery. After the outbreak of the epidemic in our city, the relevant technical personnel of the company voluntarily gave up their vacation and quickly invested in the R & D and adaptation of disinfection robots. Within three days, we can refit 30 such robots and donate them to more than a dozen key hospitals in Qingdao. Fang Ke said that it is not easy for a start-up enterprise with a future market capacity of 2.6 trillion yuan of building energy-saving materials to quickly put into R & D and production during the Spring Festival holiday. Thanks to the strong support of the government of Qingdao high tech Zone, it has ensured the lives of employees, coordinated various places to provide us with production materials, and made the whole R & D process very smooth

epidemic prevention and control, unite as one, high-tech enterprises, unite as one. As the first high-tech industrialization base characterized by the robot industry in China, Qingdao high tech Zone quickly issued a call to enterprises in the face of the epidemic, and made suggestions on the prevention and control of the epidemic with high-tech. item 5. Before the simple beam impact testing machine was semi-automatic control, many robot enterprises have asked for war. Among them, Qingdao Baojia automation equipment Co., Ltd. monitors thousands of intelligent equipment and production lines at home and abroad through its unique remote operation and maintenance fault diagnosis and operation system, and solves equipment faults through remote debugging to ensure the normal operation of equipment and ensure customer production; Qingdao Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. said that if necessary, the enterprise can deploy an appointment from the Shenyang headquarters to support Qingdao and immediately organize the delivery; Qingdao Zhengyang robot Co., Ltd. said that it is willing to donate three robots for the production of prevention and control materials, and provide a 600 square meter plant area for storing and supporting prevention and control materials in other places...... In the face of the epidemic, we are a community with a shared future. Only by working together and overcoming difficulties, can we win this tough battle! It is our greatest honor to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control. We will actively respond to the call of the government and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control! Qingdao high tech Zone enterprises have said

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