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Hardware and water fittings will become the "pain of heart in areas with sufficient natural gas" of sanitary ware.

at present, the competition in China's sanitary ware industry is mainly manifested in the market competition between local brands and international brands. Since the 1990s, international sanitary ware has entered the Chinese market and firmly occupied China's high-end market share. With the rapid development in recent years, the market share of domestic sanitary ware brands, which started late, has also shown a gradual growth trend

the appearance of local PK is comparable to that of international

according to insiders, the current domestic sanitary ware in-process products are 55%; 25% are in the production line construction stage; In the stage of small batch production, 20% of them are actually comparable to international brands in appearance, function setting and overall quality. The only regret is that there is still a certain gap in service life. For bathroom products, the key factor that determines the service life is hardware and water parts

hardware and water parts determine the service life

hardware and water parts of bathroom include shower, faucet, hardware pendant, toilet water parts, angle valve, etc. international major brands such as Kohler, Toto, American Standard, etc. have relatively perfect technical process level. Although domestic hardware production has also developed to a certain extent, the overall level is uneven. Most small enterprises have manual workshops, and the continuous evolution of product technology and production technology from inadequate to low-carbon steel often leads to low quality accessories, which affects the quality of the whole product and shortens the service life of the product

the purchase cost of merchants should be first

and the measurement system will automatically reset it; Yu hardware and water fittings only belong to bathroom accessories products, which appear in the form of supporting products at the time of terminal sales, and are only an integral part of bathroom products. Many consumers do not pay high attention to them in shopping, which also creates the premise for merchants to use

it is understood that almost all the hardware and water fittings of many domestic sanitary ware enterprises are purchased externally, but when consumers consult and buy such products, the manufacturers will introduce that they are produced by our company. A domestic brand bathroom manufacturer revealed that "it is difficult for laymen to judge the quality of hardware and water parts on bathroom from their appearance, and there is no obvious difference in the trial process. Enterprises often purchase accessories from the perspective of cost control, and the price of brand accessories is too high, so they generally don't consider it."

accessories can't be ignored

in terms of the current market situation, the cost performance of local brands' sanitary ware is relatively high, which can fully meet the needs of current consumers in function, and even have more innovations in appearance than major international brands. In particular, I would like to remind consumers that after choosing bathroom products suitable for their own home decoration style, they must pay more attention to details, such as whether the water part design of the toilet is reasonable, what material and brand is the valve core of the faucet, and it is better to choose reliable brands for accessories

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