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Analysis on the distribution pattern of China's robot industrial parks in 2019

electromechanical; Electromechanical industry; Mechanical and electrical products; Electromechanical equipment; Industrial robot; Industry information; Industry analysis; Market quotation the robot industrial park is an industrial agglomeration area with the robot industry as the core and around the industrial chain links such as robot body, robot, control system, functional parts production, etc. At present, the industrial agglomeration based on industrial parks and enterprises has become one of the important characteristics of the development of China's robot industry. In order to better understand the current situation of the development of China's robot industry, the China Business Industry Research Institute has sorted out the layout of the domestic robot industrial park. The following is the specific content:

robot is a machine device that automatically performs work. It can not only accept human command, but also run pre arranged programs, and also act according to the principles and programs formulated by artificial intelligence technology. Robot is the product of advanced integrated cybernetics, mechatronics, computers, materials and bionics. It has important applications in industry, medicine, agriculture, construction, military and other fields, as well as people's daily life

In addition, operators need to closely observe the changes of experimental machine data

the robot market has broad prospects. Faced with such a big cake, local governments have been gearing up to build and plan robot industrial parks and industrial bases, with the intention of eating meat first in the wave of industry 4.0

an industrial park can be defined as a national or regional government, through administrative or market-oriented means, delimiting a region, formulating long-term and short-term development plans and policies, building and improving various environments suitable for the entry and development of industrial enterprises, gathering a large number of enterprises or industries, making it a highly intensive industry with distinctive industrial characteristics and obvious cluster advantages A modern industrial division and cooperation zone with complete functional layout and an effective carrier for the implementation of industrialization, including all kinds of high and new technologies. 3. The total average friction force should be calculated accurately. Technological industrial development zones, economic and technological development zones, industrial parks, characteristic industrial communities, technology demonstration zones, etc

according to the "2019 robot industrial park development prospects and Investment Research Report" released by the China Academy of commerce industry, on the whole, the construction of robot industrial parks in China shows the characteristics of full flowering and regional concentration. Most of the major provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) in China have built organic robot industrial parks, while the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other regions have become the gathering places of robot industrial parks

in the distribution of robot industrial parks, Northeast China, as an old industrial base, is an area that was earlier engaged in the production of industrial robots in China. It has cultivated the first listed company of robots such as Xinsong company, accounting for one third of the market share of domestic industrial robots. At present, there are four robot industrial parks in Northeast China. The robot industry in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has technological advantages, covering products and services such as industrial robots and their automated production lines, and integrated applications of industrial robots

according to statistical data, there are more than 50 robot industrial parks in China as of October 2017. Among them, Guangdong Province has as many as 6 robot industrial parks, followed by Jiangsu Province with 5 parks, followed by Shandong Province with 4 parks. In addition, robot industrial parks are distributed in Anhui, Hebei, Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Heilongjiang and other places

with the development of policy support, the demand continues to expand, and the scale of the domestic robot market continues to grow. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, China has been the largest consumer of robots in the world for two consecutive years. It is predicted that the robot market in China will reach US $8.68 billion in 2019. Among them, the industrial robot market is about 5.73 billion US dollars, the service robot market is about 2.2 billion US dollars, and the special robot market is about 750million US dollars. The robot market has a broad prospect, and the development of the robot industrial park has ushered in a tuyere. In the future, the development prospects of the robot industrial park are as follows:

(1) the investment in the capital market is cooling

due to the impact of the industry and the macro environment, it is difficult for domestic industrial robot enterprises to finance in 2018. Compared with 2017, the scale of investment and financing of industrial robots decreased in 2018, mainly because there were fewer large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and the capital market gradually became rational, tending to find hidden champions in subdivisions

in this context, the investment and financing of the robot industrial park has declined. However, due to policy support, the frequent financial subsidy measures that benefit the robot industrial park have brought impetus to the development of the robot industrial park

(2) huge market development space

in recent years, the application field of industrial robots has gradually accelerated its transformation from traditional fields such as automobiles, electronics, video packaging to emerging fields such as new energy, environmental protection equipment, high-end equipment, warehousing and logistics; At the same time, machine color human enterprise solutions around the world are also extending from traditional automobile and 3C manufacturing to new scenes and new industries, accelerating the process of machine replacement. This trend will be amplified in 2019

the industrial robot market has broad prospects, and the robot Industrial Park welcomes development opportunities. In the future, the scale will continue to expand and the number will rise

(3) the industrial structure is constantly changing

with the popularization of industrial 4.0 concepts and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, robots are penetrating more and more application fields. At present, the robot market is dominated by industrial robots. With the further promotion of intelligent +, special robots will be more widely popularized. The market share of household robots, medical robots, police robots, etc. as for the specific names of new scientific and technological solutions, will gradually increase. In the future, the industrial proportion of robot industrial park will also change, and the proportion of service-oriented robots will continue to increase, but industrial robots will continue to dominate for a considerable period of time

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