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Hard core! two happy events come one after the other!! Quality witness, Shandong Lingong two products won the Top50 award in 2020

hard core! two happy events come one after the other!! Quality witness, Shandong Lingong's two products won the 2020 Top50 award

China Construction machinery information

on April 16, 2020, at the "2020 China Construction machinery annual product Top50" award ceremony, Shandong Lingong e6210f crawler excavator and l956f loader stood out from many products with stable and reliable performance, high market recognition and expressiveness, and won the annual "application contribution Gold Award" and "Top50 Award", It fully reflects the extraordinary value of Shandong Lingong in leading industry innovation and meeting customer needs, and confirms the reliable brand quality

e6210f crawler excavator - inheriting the classics and fearing the challenges of harsh working conditions

as one of the world's well-known construction machinery enterprises, Shandong Lingong has always attached importance to technological investment and scientific and technological innovation. The e6210f crawler excavator, which won the "Gold Award for application contribution", has been favored by industry users since it was launched in January 2018, and its sales volume in 2019 is close to 2000

e6210f crawler excavator is a new generation of medium-sized excavator products positioned for multi-purpose and multi working conditions. It inherits many advantages of Shandong temporary excavator, such as high quality, reliability, comfort, intelligence and so on. It is widely used in mining, construction sites, bridge engineering, pipeline laying and other harsh conditions

it is equipped with EMS engine management technology that meets the original imported German engine that meets the T3 emission and the careful adjustment of bridge concrete component fatigue testing machine, which can meet the balance of fuel consumption and efficiency to the greatest extent; With double pump constant power negative flow hydraulic system and automatic sensor control, the oil consumption advantage is obvious under the same working conditions. In addition, the whole machine adopts a reinforced structural design, equipped with HD heavy-duty working device, high-strength chassis, and its durability has been significantly improved

it is worth mentioning that through the on-the-spot feedback from Jiangsu urban construction, Shandong quarry, Guizhou mine and other working conditions, the e6210f crawler excavator has fast action response time, good controllability, particularly uniform and in place force, and is in the leading position in the industry in terms of stability, comfort, operating efficiency, unit fuel consumption, and action coordination, which is highly recognized and affirmed by users. Therefore, e6210f has become a 20 ton star product familiar to many customers

l956f loader - the heavy-duty star of the mining overlord who lifts heavy weights like light

the second generation of long wheelbase energy-saving products launched by Shandong Lingong in February 2018 - l956f loader won the "Top50 Award" this time. Since its listing, it has been widely recognized by users with its energy-efficient characteristics, and its market sales are far ahead of products of the same level

l956f is a long wheelbase wheel loader designed by Shandong Lingong with a new generation of appearance. The whole machine adopts an electronically controlled three-stage engine, which is energy-saving, reliable and comfortable. It has super stability and super large digging force. Moreover, l956f adopts the unique "riverbank type" power curve of Shandong Lingong. The acceleration and reaction speed of the whole machine are leading in the industry. The acceleration and traction are also 18% ahead of the competitive products at the same level, and the operation efficiency is 15% to 20% better than the products at the same level in the industry. It is widely used in quarries, metal mines, concrete mixing stations, open-pit coal mines, ports and wharves and other working conditions

the award of honor is the market's affirmation of the quality of Shandong Lingong's products, and it also reflects the outstanding achievements made by Shandong Lingong under the guidance of the policy of "innovation driven production of lightweight polyurethane and honeycomb composite reinforcement parts, quality first". Similarly, the affirmation from the experts and judges in the industry also confirms the strong momentum of Shandong Lingong technological innovation

over the years, Shandong Lingong has always adhered to the development concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust", continued to introduce lean production, took energy conservation, reliability, comfort and intelligence as the research and development direction, accurately grasped the market demand, created a world-class research and development experimental system, formulated world-class quality standards, set a proper adjustment speed, and issued a variety of innovative products with excellent quality of "green, energy conservation and environmental protection", Continuously provide the market with more efficient, smarter and more valuable construction machinery products, which have been widely recognized by the industry and users

in the future, from a domestic perspective, donglingong will continue to implement its commitment of "reliable bearing and heavy trust", comprehensively deepen the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and continue to provide high-quality, innovative and customized high-tech products and services for industrial users through the extensive use of information-based and intelligent advanced manufacturing technology. At the same time, in the high-quality development journey of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Contribute to the road of "the transformation from made in China to created in China, the transformation from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands"

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