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India Mumbai hardware accessories exhibition "Minda International Exhibition": preferred

India Mumbai hardware accessories exhibition "Minda International Exhibition": preferred

Article source: Minda International Exhibition release time: 08:08:56

Product Brand Minda International Exhibition product model 9*9 production City Nanjing delivery city Nanjing total supply 10000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 4500 unit of measurement square product details

India Mumbai hardware accessories exhibition Mingda International Exhibition: preferred

Mingda International Exhibition

opening time: 09:: 00

industry: Hardware Tools

Hardware Tools: electric tools, hand tools, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, machining equipment, stamping equipment, locks, pumps, cutting tools, rigging, lighting appliances and lamps, sanitary equipment, building materials, small machinery, plumbing equipment, DIY products Household products such as kitchen equipment and appliances: small kitchen supplies (induction cooker, rice cooker, mixer, juicer, coffee machine, food sealing machine, toaster, can opener, steam pan/toaster/slow cooker), vacuum cleaner, ground care, washing and ironing appliances (washer/dryer, iron, steam iron), water heater, air conditioner, stove surface, stove and oven, dehumidifier/humidifier, dishwasher Garbage disposal and roller, exhaust fan (ceiling, floor, desktop, window), microwave oven, personal care products (hairpins, hair dryers, scales, health monitors, electronic toothbrushes), electronic blankets, inflatable beds, refrigerators, sewing machines and accessories, etc.

lawn and courtyard: Gardening maintenance and construction products, gardening appliances, weeding equipment, irrigation equipment, barbecue equipment, iron products, courtyard leisure Outdoor furniture, etc.

security equipment and auto accessories: locks, anti-theft and alarm products, safety equipment, auto maintenance tools, pumps and all kinds of accessories, etc.

lighting equipment: lamps and accessories, holiday lights, Christmas lights, lawn lights, all kinds of electrical equipment and materials, and other DIY products and kitchen and bathroom products: home decoration and decoration supplies, pet supplies, sanitary ware, bathroom equipment Kitchen equipment, etc.

exhibition details

exhibition scale: 120000 square meters

number of professional visitors: 20000

number of exhibitors: 1768

holding cycle: once a year

2 Production and marketing status and trend of hardware and tools America: the United States, Canada and Brazil are the major hardware tool producers in the Americas. The output value of hardware tools in the United States was $7.175 billion in 1995. In 1995, the total market value was $1258, rising to $142billion from 1996 to 1997, ranking first in the world and first in the Americas; Canada is $2.7 billion (about $1.9 billion), ranking second in the Americas; The operating value of Brazilian hardware tools is US $1.2 billion, ranking third in the Americas. Europe: according to the statistics of the sales scale of European hardware tools market in 1997, Germany ranks second in the world and second in Europe with 67 billion marks; France is 26billion marks, ranking fifth in the world and third in Europe. Asia: the major producers of hardware products in Asia include Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong Special Region of China and Taiwan Province. Japan's market size in 1997 was US $27.3 billion, ranking third in the world and first in Asia. In recent years, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China has become a source of hardware products in the world. Taiwan, China province of China has been developing rapidly and has great potential for many years. To sum up, the world's major hardware tool producers and sellers are located in the United States, Germany and Japan

3. Analysis of the consumption level of major consumer countries the consumption level of hardware products in developed countries is higher than that in developing countries. Therefore, the major consumer countries of hardware products are the United States, Germany, France, and from the perspective of the relevant countries of "one belt and one road", Britain and other countries. High-income families and high-income countries are the mainstream of consumption in the hardware market. According to consumption statistics, the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have a high per capita consumption level of hardware products in the world, followed by the Czech Republic and Russia in Europe. The consumption level of developing countries is lower than that of the above two countries

it is reported that 70% of the total US $22.5 billion spent on gardening supplies in the United States in 1997 was sold by families with college education or above, and the price of hardware tools was about US $10 to US $50. In terms of consumer price, those below $28 account for 15%, and those between $28 and $100 account for the most, accounting for 59%, followed by those between $95 and $190, accounting for 18%, while those above $190 account for less, accounting for 8%, but grow rapidly

market analysis

the United States is a highly developed country, with its economic, cultural, innovation and other strengths leading the world. The United States is the largest importer and the third largest exporter in the world. New strength leads the world. The United States has a highly developed modern market economy and is the world's largest economic power. In March 2017, the total volume of U.S. trade in goods (WTO caliber, the same below) was $336.029 billion, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year. Among them, the total export of goods was 135.648 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.1% year on year; The total import of goods was US $2003.081 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9.0%; The trade deficit in goods was US $64.733 billion, an increase of 11.0% year-on-year. China is the second largest trading partner, the third largest export market and the largest source of imports of the United States. The market capacity of the United States is world * * *, and the total import volume of commodity trade each year exceeds US $1100 billion. Domestic consumer goods are mainly imported, and there is a large import demand for consumer goods such as hardware, building materials and household appliances. At present, the size of the U.S. building materials and hardware market is about 300billion U.S. dollars/year, and imported products continue to flourish. China's exports to the United States have always been in a leading position, and China's hardware products have accounted for nearly 20% of the U.S. market share. China and the United States have strong complementarities in economic and trade, which will promote the sustained and substantial growth of bilateral trade volume. According to statistics, 89% of the 100 household goods retailers in the United States have participated in the annual hardware exhibition. As a link with the household goods market, the international hardware exhibition focuses on the popular trend of "outdoor life", providing all exhibitions about home repair, remodeling, reconstruction, maintenance and decoration, including a complete exhibition in the exhibition - Gardening world

1 eisenwarenmesse fair, Cologne, Germany to 3168 international standard booth, Cologne, Germany

2 feremad, Madrid, Spain, said Professor Cheng: "In this article, Spain Madrid 500 international standard booth

3 Russia Moscow International Hardware Exhibition MITEX to Russia Moscow 500 international standard booth

4 Britain Birmingham International Hardware tools garden gardening and pet supplies exhibition glee to Britain Birmingham 600 international standard booth

5 Serbia international building materials and hardware exhibition Serbia export fair to Serbia Belgrade 300 international standard booth

6 Las Vegas hardware tools and garden products exhibition NH how can Hubei new materials industry achieve the goal of "doubling" revenue? S to the 2000 international standard booth in Las Vegas, USA

7 expoferretera in Buenos Aires, Argentina to the 500 international standard booth in Buenos Aires, Argentina

8 Asia Pacific hardware, home furnishing Asia Pacific sourcing to Cologne 800 international standard booth

9 Vietnam hardware and hand tools exhibition to Vietnam 500 international standard booth

10 Hannover hardware exhibition to Hannover 2000 international standard booth

11 Indonesia Jakarta International Hardware and fasteners exhibition to Indonesia Jakarta 500 international standard booth

12 Ethiopia Biya international building materials and hardware Sanitary Ware Exhibition addisbuild to Ethiopia Addis Ababa 500 international standard booth

13 Cambodia Phnom Penh building materials hardware and interior decoration exhibition cambuild to Cambodia Phnom Penh 200 international standard booth

14 Jordan Amman hardware industry and mechanical equipment exhibition interbuild to Jordan Amman 800 international standard booth

15 Pakistan industrial exhibition and China electromechanical hardware and Building Materials Exhibition IEMA to Lahore, Pakistan 300 international standard booth

16 Indian Hardware Exhibition iiht to Mumbai 300 international standard booth

17 Sri Lanka Colombo international building materials hardware and construction engineering machinery exhibition construct to Colombo 500 international standard booth

18 Japan Tokyo hardware and DIY exhibition Japan DIY homecenter show to Tokyo 1000 international standard booth

19 South Africa international five Gold tools and building materials exhibition TBS to Johannesburg 2000 international standard booth in South Africa

20 Iran Tehran woodworking machinery, hardware tools and hardware materials exhibition to Tehran 300 international standard booth in Iran

21 Cambodia international building materials and hardware exhibition trhz to Phnom Penh 500 international standard booth in Cambodia

22 Thailand Bangkok hardware exhibition to Bangkok 2000 international standard booth in Thailand

<7 Stress control speed: 1 (4) 5MPa/SP> 23 Mexico international hardware exhibition Expo Nacional Ferreira to Mexico City 500 international standard booth

24 Poland Poznan hardware exhibition to Poznan 1000 international standard booth

the size of the ceramic tile cutting machine sold in the store is fixed, such as 300*150 mm, 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm. When laying ceramic tiles after ordering ceramic tiles, Users sometimes need to process ceramic tiles to the required specific size, and divide the tiles into machines, collectively referred to as ceramic tile cutting machines. The Chinese name is electric ceramic tile cutting machines, which are used to cut electric ceramic tiles with specific sizes of 300*150 mm and 600*600 mm. Catalogue, 2 portable electric cutting machines, 3 manual cutting machines, 4 large types of ceramic tile cutting machines, 5 portable electric desktop cutting machines, development trends, introducers, Electric ceramic tile cutting machine is an electric tool suitable for ceramic tile cutting. The size of ceramic tile cutting machine sold in stores is fixed, such as 300*150 mm, 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm. After ordering ceramic tiles, users sometimes need to process the tiles into the required specific size, and divide the tiles into machines, collectively referred to as ceramic tile cutting machine [1]

the steel plate used in the inner module needs heat treatment after purchase, such as quenching and carburization, to meet the use needs. This kind of injection mold is called hard mold, which is similar to H13 steel, 420 steel and S7 steel used in the inner module, (3) soft mold (lower than 44hrc). The steel used in the inner module can meet the use needs without heat treatment after repurchase. This kind of injection molding is called soft mold, for example, The inner module adopts P20 steel, ACE steel, 420 steel, n*** aluminum and beryllium copper, double injection molding. In principle, general principle, double injection molding mainly uses two tubes and two sets of molds of the double injection molding machine to make double injection products by double injection molding in sequence. Working steps: 1. Inject raw materials into the material tube a for one-time molding to form one-time molded products a, 2. After regular mold opening, product a remains in the male mold, The molding motor template rotates to position B to carry out mold closing. 3. Inject raw material B into the tube of raw material B to carry out secondary molding to form double injection products

), forging die (such as die forging die, upsetting die, etc.), extrusion die, extrusion die, die-casting die, forging die, etc., non-metallic die is divided into plastic die and inorganic non-metallic die. According to the different materials of the die itself, the die can be divided into: sand mold, metal mold, vacuum mold, paraffin wax mold, etc

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