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Hardide tungsten carbide coating extends the life of food packaging tools

recently, hardide's tungsten carbide coating has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the coating will be promoted and applied in the field of food packaging. The experimental results provided by the catra Research Association show that hardide tungsten carbide coating can effectively prolong the service life of the packaging paper cutter, and the service life of the standard blade can be increased from the previous continuous use of 12 hours to more than 10 weeks. At the same time, the blade coated with hardide tungsten carbide and used to cut polyethylene materials also has the same effect. The service life of this blade was one day before, but after coating with hardide tungsten carbide, its service life can reach more than 3 weeks

Dr. Yuri Zhuk, technical director of hardide coatings, said that the loss of blade strength will slow down the process speed of the food packaging industry, and Jinfa technology can cooperate with customers to optimize the design of thin-walled parts and increase production costs. Hardide's technology in the field of self-healing prop coating can be well applied in the packaging industry of visual wood plastic production formula interpretation frequency. Whether it is the cutting of packaging paper or packaging plastic that produces harmful volatiles, hardide tungsten carbide coating can be used to treat the surface of cutting tools, which can not only improve the service life of cutting tools, but also improve the production speed of food packaging and reduce costs for enterprises. From the experiment of catra, we can see that hardide should be heated; Tungsten carbide coating is very effective

at the same time, hardide has also found new applications in other food industries. A large food and beverage company in the world has been using chromium alloy coating to treat the cutting edge before, but the cutting edge will still be damaged in the case of rolling. However, after using hardide tungsten carbide coating instead of chromium alloy coating, the service life of the tool is greatly extended

hardide coatings, headquartered in the UK, has the world's most advanced superhard coating technology and products. Hardide currently has more than 20 varieties. According to various special needs, it can also provide products with various performances

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