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The hard glue Market in eastern Guangdong plunged again

from the weekend to today, the hard glue Market in eastern Guangdong has ushered in a deeper decline

last week, Shantou ocean's GPPS sg23 could be sold for 5800 yuan, but today's situation shows that the market price of sg23 has been reduced to between. Although the sg23 of Shantou ocean has stopped production and changed to shoe low material 20, the psychological bottom line of the market has collapsed in these two days. The price of GPPS 525 of Guangzhou Petrochemical also fell to about 5550 yuan. Some time ago, downstream product manufacturers had expectations for the autumn fair, and there were replenishments in the market price range for emergencies. Now, the concept of "Autumn Fair" has passed, and GPPS in eastern Guangdong, especially Chenghai, has a certain backlog. For a period of time in the future, GPPS in eastern Guangdong will mainly consume local inventory, while the delivery volume to upstream petrochemical manufacturers will be significantly reduced

due to the relatively small inventory of hips on the market in eastern Guangdong recently, the price is not satisfactory. The price of Shantou ocean sh65 is maintained at 6100 yuan, and that of Guangzhou Petrochemical 825 is about 6000 yuan

abs also experienced a sharp dive. At present, the public quotation of Jinhu 750 is 8390 yuan, but it is reported that some dealers offer a diving price of 8200 yuan. Daqing 750 offers 7880 yuan and Qimei 757 offers 8890 yuan. At present, it is a clear direction for the market to continue to decline. As long as the downstream product manufacturers do not rush the delivery date, they generally do not pick up the goods. More than 300 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs gathered at the forum. Therefore, the quotation between dealers has become meaningless. Only when someone picks up the goods and offers the accepted price, can the transaction be concluded at the price accepted by both parties

at present, the ex factory price of styrene monomer of Maoming Petrochemical is 4700 yuan, and the ex factory price of styrene monomer in the main production areas of hard rubber in East and North China is also near this price. The latest research results of general 3D printing technology provide a solution for this. The processing cost of GPPS is about 700 yuan, that is to say, the cost price of GPPS for petrochemical manufacturers in the near future should be about 5400 yuan. Therefore, yuan is an important psychological defense line, and it is entirely possible for the market price of polystyrene in the aftermarket to fall to this price

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