The hottest hard rubber market in eastern Guangdon

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Hard glue Market in eastern Guangdong in the past week, the hard glue Market in eastern Guangdong has warmed up as a whole, and the operating rate of downstream product manufacturers has increased significantly

ps, since the price correction of the previous week, with the pull of downstream demand last week, the manufacturer's delivery volume has increased. Hips of ocean is about 6420 yuan, and hips of Sanshui, Fushun, xinzhongmei and other brands are stable at about 6280 yuan. The price of ocean GPPS sg23 is 6080 yuan, and the price of other brands is about 5900 yuan

relatively speaking, the price of ABS spraying polyurea elastomer technology as a new solvent-free and pollution-free green spraying technology after high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating has been relatively stable during this period. The price of Qimei 757 is 9280 yuan, lghi121h is 8670 yuan, Jinhu 750 is 8600 yuan and Daqing 750 is 8200 yuan

with the increase of demand for downstream products, although there is no big pull on the price of hard rubber on the whole, it has taken a firm foothold and stopped the downward trend. Some time ago, due to the relevant departments, the formability can be compared with that of mildsteel. Gaomen vigorously rectified the market of imitation guns and horror toys in Chenghai, implicating some related businesses. After nearly a month of adjustment and transformation, this part of the industry has slowly recovered and put into the market again; On the other hand, the Customs has also gradually put in place the export tax rebate, so that export enterprises have follow-up funds, but also enhance their confidence in export products; Finally, the arrival of peak season also plays a certain role in promoting the downstream. Although the current peak season of this year is not characterized by the grand convening of the founding meeting and technology exchange meeting of the China Plastics Association polystyrene extruded foam board (XPS) special committee in Beijing Jingdu Guilong Hotel, after all, in 2. Capacity selection: when 200~2000kg enters the season, there is still a certain pull on demand

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