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"Hardening" soft power makes enterprises rise against the trend

"hardening" soft power makes enterprises rise against the trend

October 29, 2012

[China paint information] although affected by the European debt crisis, the overall demand of the domestic and foreign paint market has been weak, but the performance of sankeshu paint Co., Ltd. is eye-catching, and the sales revenue in the first three quarters still achieved a year-on-year increase of 30%

"This is the result of our long-term emphasis on cultural and brand building. In order for an enterprise to be evergreen, it must have an excellent corporate culture and establish its own well-known brand. Making employees feel happy in the enterprise and letting them work at ease is the foundation of enterprise stability. Through creating an innovative and enterprising enterprise atmosphere, we have built a solid talent echelon and laid a good foundation for enterprise development and brand building. This also It is the secret that we can still rise against the trend in this year's difficulties. " On October 18, Hongjie, chairman of sankeshu company, said in an interview

"for example, we require management cadres to take time to look at the speeches of Finance and economics and economists no matter how busy they are every day, which will help them understand the current social and economic environment, and the experimental space of the experimental machine is large to better carry out innovative work. These things are not inconspicuous, but they accumulate over time, which can enable enterprises to keep pace with the pulse of the times, and the results achieved are quite amazing." Said Hong Jie

employees are the most active factor in the production, operation and management of enterprises, and "people" play a decisive role in promoting the development of enterprises in all aspects. Sankeshu company always adheres to the people-oriented corporate culture concept, respects and cares for employees, so that every employee can enjoy the benefits of the enterprise. The company provides employees with free clothing, food, housing and transportation, as well as 37 benefits such as five insurances and one fund, marriage and funeral, and publicly promises that if an employee's family encounters major changes and difficulties, it will be solved by the enterprise's "worry free fund" to ensure that employees have no worries at home. The concern of the enterprise for employees is subtle in "tea rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar". Hong Jie himself once personally grasped the oil used in restaurants

in addition to stabilizing employees, sankeshu company also makes great efforts to improve the quality of employees. The company has invested a lot of money to establish the first business school in China's paint industry, and organizes various kinds of training every year. For example, the company cooperates with the EDP center of Xiamen University School of management in accordance with the control and loading mode, and has separately opened two training courses, namely, the ministerial EMBA and the manager MBA, creating a precedent for the EDP center of Xiamen University

because it has been insisting on creating a good employment environment for many years, when others have a labor shortage, sankeshu company has successfully transformed the advantage of human resources into the soft power of enterprise transformation and development, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise's technological innovation and brand construction

in order to improve the innovation level of the enterprise, sankeshu company undertakes a number of national scientific research projects with the help of post doctoral scientific research workstation, academician expert workstation and three national high-tech enterprise R & D platforms; At the same time, it actively cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and other key scientific research institutions to carry out research and development on environmental protection products such as titanium dioxide free medium and high-end coatings, modified waterborne polyurethane waterborne wood paint, etc. at present, it has mastered a number of internationally advanced scientific research achievements, keeping pace with the world's leading technology

in the face of fierce market competition, sankeshu company adheres to the concept of "producing one generation, developing one generation, designing one generation and conceiving one generation" in the development of new products, and successfully developed the world's first space paint through the paint carrying test conducted by Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII. Make the scientific research and technology level of the enterprise at the forefront of the industry

since this year, in order to guide and comply with the market demand, sankeshu company has launched a series of products in the home decoration, engineering and furniture paint channels, relying on the national technology, the 1318 km long Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway center, the post doctoral workstation and the academician expert workstation, which have improved the product system and enhanced the product advantages. In particular, the launch of the "four King Kong" products of architectural coatings has enabled the company to successfully achieve friendly cooperation with top 100 real estate developers such as Vanke, and the enterprise influence and brand awareness continue to be improved

"as producers of products, we adhere to innovation and offer high-tech, environmental friendly and healthy products to consumers. A product, which respects all consumers, will naturally be loved by people and the brand will be recognized by the public." Said Hong Jie. With its consistent health positioning and continuous improvement of its product brand, sankeshu has won the recognition of the majority of dealers and 3. Low noise consumers, and has been rated as the annual excellent supplier by Evergrande, R & F and other real estate developers for many times

high quality products finally form a brand effect. In the sixth top ten paint brands selection in 2011, three trees stood out from thousands of enterprises, including three important awards, including "top ten engineering construction paint brands", "top ten national wall paint brands" and "top ten wood paint brands for home decoration". In 2012, sankeshu was listed in the "top 500 most valuable brands in China" released by the world brand laboratory for the sixth time, with a brand value of 5.578 billion yuan

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