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Hard core technology and "father Ma" are both here. N ask about the world AI conference

in one week, 2018 World AI conference will be held in the West Bank of Xuhui, Shanghai. The world's top AI scientists, 50 Chinese and foreign academicians, 100 CEOs of leading enterprises at home and abroad and your "father Ma" will all gather in Shanghai

according to the conference officials, the reservation of AI application experience quota for ordinary audiences has long been snapped up. However, this does not affect you to follow us to understand more truly what real AI is through this conference

q1: what is artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI. It is an interdisciplinary subject integrating computer science, physiology and philosophy. Artificial intelligence technology is considered to be used whenever machines are used to replace human beings to realize cognition, recognition, analysis, decision-making and other functions

q2: what artificial intelligence do ordinary people have in their daily life

artificial intelligence is not as far away as you think. It has already quietly penetrated into all fields of human society and become a production tool beyond human beings. It is no exaggeration to use "you live in artificial intelligence every day" to describe today's life

07:00 when you get up in the morning, the first thing you do when you wake up is touch. The fulcrum spacing is within the range of 10~20mm in the boot Face recognition technology is applied in the process of face recognition. Through analyzing and comparing the face visual feature information, identity identification is carried out

07:30 received the "Eastern headlines" for you: 2018 World AI big "light pressure" is the pressure generated by light shining on objects. It will be held on the West Bank of Shanghai in less than a week This is a reading aggregation product that uses search engine technology, big data technology, semantic recognition technology and image recognition technology to accurately push for each subscriber based on algorithm

08:00 drive the children to school. The camera above each intersection can judge the changes of traffic flow and people flow through image recognition and big data calculation, and then adjust the signal time to send traffic information to dredge the traffic flow, so as to improve the traffic efficiency of urban roads

when you send your child to school at 08:30, you find that the basic course of artificial intelligence has been included in your child's curriculum

09:00 arrive at the office and use face recognition technology again. You don't need to use all kinds of access cards to "brush your face" and you can get through smoothly. Through speech recognition, the service robot brings you a cup of coffee

11:00 plus the characteristics of stepper only periodic error without accumulated error, you have been working for 2 hours, and you have received a reminder from the health robot, suggesting that you go to the toilet and drink water

13:00 when you go out to do business, the service robot in the bank hall will "walk" in front of you to help you guide. You can complete the remote account opening by "nodding and blinking" at the camera

17:00 drive home and quickly find an empty parking space. Through the intelligent parking geomagnetic sensor, the property management and neighborhood committee can easily realize the real-time monitoring of parking spaces

18:00 wear a smart wristband and take a walk after dinner. This wristband can upload the wearer's heartbeat, blood pressure and other information to the public medical database, and accurately remind you of your physical condition and suitable exercise range through calculation

22:00 before going to bed, voice robots tell stories for your children

q3: since AI is so good, will our "rice bowl" be robbed

floor sweeping robot, driverless, manuscript writing robot, machine reading film, robot telling stories... Their figure has quietly entered many industries. More and more people have such a doubt in their hearts? With the development of artificial intelligence, will I be replaced by robots in the near future

however, at present, no one dares to let robots do surgery. Machines can only be used as an aid in medicine and play a role in diagnosis. Translating poetry or literary works is still a little difficult for machines. There are many subtle details that translation machines cannot capture. More in-depth reports still need to be completed after arriving at the scene

in the future, through artificial intelligence, there will be more information acquisition channels and processing methods, the simplification of human labor will be greatly improved, and people will have more time to learn and become a learning organism rather than a working machine. The concept of learning will be completely changed, people will have more opportunities for development, and they will reduce and get rid of heavy things. It may not be today's state at all

q4: what is the ranking of the development of artificial intelligence in China in the world

all countries in the world actively lay out AI development strategies. The United States has always been in a leading position in the field of artificial intelligence, and Germany is constantly accelerating the development and application of intelligent robots through the "industry 4.0 plan". Japan also regards IOT, artificial intelligence and robots as the core of the fourth industrial revolution

in China, the number of AI enterprises is second only to the United States, and the scale of core industries reached about $5.6 billion in 2017. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the focus of AI development, leading the rest of the country

q5: how to open the "Shanghai model" of the world AI conference

in the past two years, many cities across the country have held various conferences in AI related fields. What will the 2018 World AI conference do? Chen Mingbo, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, gave the answer: don't ask for scale, ask for level, and there must be a "Shanghai model"

the criteria to be considered by the conference include: do the post-90s like it? What is the proportion of foreign guests? What is the proportion of International Ai leaders? The key to the specialization and marketization of AI is to see the application landing. This is also the most important purpose of holding this conference

the world AI conference held in Shanghai not only focuses on Shanghai, but also on the whole country and mankind. It is not a simple investment attraction. If there is no mature application demonstration, the development speed of artificial intelligence will not be too fast. Chen Mingbo believes that Shanghai has such a foundation

q6: Why did you choose the "West Bank" area

Xuhui Binjiang (West Bank of Shanghai) is the innovation cradle of China's modern national industry, especially the West Bank Art Center, the main venue. Its predecessor was the Shanghai aircraft factory established in 1950. The world AI conference held in the West Bank of Xuhui is a historical dialogue of AI through time and space, and also the innovation origin of AI returning to Shanghai, China

taking the West Bank of Xuhui as the main venue and core area will highlight the combination of science and Technology Summit and waterfront ecology, science and Technology Summit and art and humanities, and science and Technology Summit and intelligent experience

q7: what "blinding" hard core technologies will the conference bring

the conference pays special attention to application experience and on-site display. According to the geographical conditions of Longhua heliport and oil tank Art Park, nearly 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises will be selected for a centralized, scene based and immersive display of seven AI application experiences

ai+ transportation: the audience can log in to the driverless system, experience the great wisdom of human vehicle collaboration, the wonderful performances of the on-site direct attack UAV fully automatic airport and the night sky UAV on the Huangpu River, and have more opportunities to receive the coffee delivered by the UAV on site

ai+ Finance: wearing ar/vr glasses, you will experience the charm of the national bank data center, enter the risk control area, feel the cutting-edge technology of the intelligent risk control brain at a close distance, and also "sound in its environment", so as to have a deep understanding of voice emotion recognition in human-computer PK

"ai+ retail": you can let AI guess your favorite goods, log in to an unmanned retail car, and purchase by scanning the code or palm pulse payment. Unconsciously, offline consumption behavior will be recorded as a reference to provide better service and support for future consumption

ai+ Education: let AI English teachers help you achieve accurate pronunciation, and you can also quickly doodle with AI art teachers, and ask AI teachers many interesting questions face-to-face...

ai+ health: communicate with the guidance robot about medical needs, accurately check your physical condition through auxiliary consultation, and recover your normal life with the help of a good rehabilitation assistant. With the help of AI doctors and surgical robots, the treatment will be more accurate and efficient

ai+ smart manufacturing: wearing ar/vr glasses, you can watch the whole scene of the factory processing and assembly line, and the audience also has the opportunity to obtain an embroidery work produced by the intelligent embroidery robot on site

ai+ service: in the whole experience area, you can get the interactive guidance of the welcome robot, buy goods by peddling robots, and learn and communicate with robots

practical information you must know

during the conference from September 17 to 19, the application experience and exhibition areas are only open to licensed guests, not the public

from September 20 to 23, the application experience and exhibition areas will be open to audiences who have successfully made online reservations

place of experience: No. 2350, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

mode of transportation:

subway: Longhua Middle Road Station of line 7/yunjin Road Station of line 11/longhua station of line 12:

bus: tunnel line 8: 1222, 734, 933, etc.


1 Each person can only make an appointment once with his/her ID card (if the ID number is wrong, he/she will not be able to enter normally at that time)

50 production lines of bio based high molecular composites will be built

2. It is necessary to arrive at the appointment venue 30 minutes in advance

3. It is forbidden to carry dangerous goods

4. Enter with his/her ID card and a successful appointment SMS

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