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Analysis of the digital transformation mode of China's printing industry

What does digital technology mean for the printing industry? In May and June this year, at the printing technology seminar of Pace University of Phoenix publishing and media group, 16 senior executives of Jiangsu printing enterprises with Phoenix Group as the main body, together with American professional professors and senior executives of well-known printing related enterprises, discussed the digital transformation road of the printing industry beyond paper. Everyone agrees that digital technology is different from the previous printing technology. It not only changes the printing industry, but also changes the way the entire media content is produced and disseminated, and opens the way to other media and industries

the practice of digital transformation in the U.S. printing industry

not all enterprises or individuals that need to release information through multiple terminals can independently build digital workflow. Therefore, some printing enterprises in the United States have begun to establish their own application platforms and technical systems and become digital technology service providers for content production, management and dissemination

publisher company is an American printing enterprise mainly engaged in magazine printing. In the past two years, they will purchase two software sets, zigzag experiment, which are mainly used to test the performance of materials under zigzag load, and develop a digital control platform for magazine, management and communication. The staff of the magazine can write, typeset and proofread on this platform in the way they used to, and the background software system will automatically write these contents in XML digital language format. The generated documents can be directly published on different terminals such as, Internet and paper. The platform also provides magazine writers with technical services such as information retrieval, data storage, virtual proofreading, advertisement implantation, etc

red tie company used to be a printing enterprise. Now it is committed to integrating paper and Internet, and providing all kinds of technical services with W2P (network printing) as the core for all kinds of enterprises. Any enterprise and individual can use the templates, materials and operation processes, business cards, business letters, photo albums and other documents provided by them on the stations established by red tie company, and then issue instructions to transmit the documents to printing plants, Internet and other digital terminals for publishing

another direction of digital transformation in the U.S. printing industry is the advertising and marketing industry. Because the printing industry is interconnected with the advertising production process and other advertising media through digital language, the printing enterprises that originally only undertook the advertising printing business can trace back to the digital process of advertising production and publish advertisements on media other than paper. As Barbera, the former marketing director of Kodak, said, some printing companies in the United States are transforming from printing service providers to marketing service providers

Quad graphics is the second largest printing company in North America. In recent years, they have been actively expanding their advertising printing business to the whole marketing field. They added a variety of digital technologies such as image recognition, short-range communication, information collection and analysis to the advertising printing, so that the company's business can be extended to a variety of media such as Internet and intelligence

the digital transformation mode of China's printing industry

from providing only printing services to providing technical services and advertising marketing services for content production, management and dissemination, the transformation range of the printing industry looks great. For the Chinese printing industry that has not yet clearly started this process, the four experiences of the transformation of the American printing industry are worth learning from

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first, we will innovate the printing concept. In the digital age, the printing industry is no longer a processing industry relying on equipment; It is not just an industry that provides supporting services for upstream industries such as publishing and advertising. Nowadays, digital technology integrates the printing industry with other media. Like other media industries, the printing industry has the opportunity to pursue the new thing of digital technology

second, change the formula of the national standard of the people's Republic of China gb5170 "verification method of basic parameters of environmental experimental equipment for electrical and electronic products". Chinese Indian enterprises often argue that the situation in China is different, and China does not have this market. The market has always been created by innovators. When U.S. printing enterprises are involved in new fields, the first thing they do is to train their salesmen to understand the digital changes and new market opportunities faced by the printing industry, change their original marketing direction, and promote new technical services to gradually gain popularity

third, start with existing customers. If the printing industry is expected to subsidize 50million euros per year), how can it participate in the competition between the advertising industry and the information technology industry? Because the starting point for the printing industry to participate in the competition is its own customers. The printing industry understands the needs of these users better than advertising companies and IT companies, and has a long-term cooperative and mutually trusted partnership. Most of the new services of the U.S. printing industry start from meeting the more needs of existing customers

fourth, steady progress. Companies that transform the printing industry into digital technology services and marketing services need a long evolutionary process in terms of management experience, human resources and brand reputation. Under the condition of ensuring the stability of the existing printing business, American printing enterprises gradually explore new business markets. With the business needs, they constantly recruit relevant talents. After twoorthree years of development, they can establish a relatively perfect new technology team

as Li Xue, deputy general manager of Phoenix publishing media Co., Ltd., said, the file of digital technology is filing the boundary between the media. The digital transformation road that the American printing industry has gone through in the past few years is also the road that the Chinese printing industry is opening up, and it is also the unprecedented development opportunity that digital technology provides for the printing industry. When paper and other media speak different languages, the printing industry is a closed world. When other media began to speak digital language, the printing industry worried that people would one day stop speaking paper language. Digital technology has opened the door for the printing industry to surpass paper. The printing industry is no longer just an industry that uses paper to carry information. It will be an integrated communication industry that includes printing technology, information technology, digital content production, management, communication platform and advertising marketing services. This is probably the best time for the printing industry

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