Fresh keeping and storage technology of fruits and

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Preservation and storage technology of fruits and vegetables at room temperature

preservation and storage of fruits and vegetables is the fundamental way to reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables and improve economic benefits. However, at present, domestic fruits and vegetables are preserved at low temperature, which is expensive, expensive and difficult to popularize

this paper introduces a fresh-keeping and storage technology of fruits and vegetables at room temperature, which does not need equipment investment, has low cost, convenient operation, and long fresh-keeping cycle. 4. Small and medium-sized enterprises. High speed circuit protector: protection heating circuit industry and individual farmers can be applied

raw materials should be fresh picked fruits and vegetables that are free of decay and damage. After picking, clean the dirt and residual pesticides on the epidermis with clean water

sterilization treatment during the growth of fruits and vegetables, affected by the microorganisms in the surface soil and air, there will be a large number of harmful bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables, which will multiply in large numbers during storage and promote the decay and deterioration of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, in the fresh-keeping treatment of fruits and vegetables, sterilization treatment should be carried out first. However, it is worth noting that at present, BASF has developed a brand-new 3D printing solution for laser sintering technology. Most of the fungicides sold are toxic, and the residues are harmful to human body. This technology uses a non-toxic, safe and efficient fungicide - peroxy acid. The larger the starting point is, the operation and use method is to soak the washed fruits and vegetables in 0.2%-0.3% peroxy acid sterilization aqueous solution, Soak for about 1 minute (too long soaking time will discolor the fruits and vegetables). After taking it out, wash it with cold boiled water or clean tap water, remove the bactericide on the surface of the fruits and vegetables, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to drain the surface water

selection of preservatives during storage, fruits and vegetables themselves will release ethylene or carbonic acid gas, which is the fundamental reason for physiological changes of fruits and vegetables, and promote ripening, aging and even decay of fruits and vegetables. In order to eliminate the influence of ethylene and carbonic acid gas released by fruits and vegetables on fruits and vegetables, the currently used preservatives are mainly adsorption type represented by activated carbon and oxidation decomposition type represented by potassium permanganate. Although the removal rate of the former is high, it will fail after the adsorption is saturated, and there is even the danger of desorption; The latter has the disadvantages of slow removal speed and poor fresh-keeping effect. This technology adopts "Hongzi No.1" fruit and vegetable preservative with adsorption, oxidation, water resistance and other functions, which completely overcomes the above shortcomings, has good fresh-keeping effect and long cycle, and is widely applicable to the fresh-keeping storage of various fruit and vegetable products. Usage of preservative: ① put the powdered preservative into breathable cloth bags, with the amount of 210 grams per bag, and seal it for standby. ② Take 3kg of sterilized fruits or vegetables, put them into plastic bags with good gas resistance together with a bag of preservative, seal them firmly (vacuum sealing effect will be better), and put them into a cool house or cellar for fresh storage, with a fresh-keeping period of more than 3 months

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