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A brief comment on the market of Changxing Light Textile City (June 3 to June 9) -- polyester

in the past week, after the surface treatment of polyester raw materials and parts in the upstream of the prosperous market, they will still be copied, and the price will rise lower, which not only increases the difficulty of installation, but also increases the price of polyester varieties during the afternoon holiday. Dty100d144f winding sales are OK, and the current market center price is about 15100 yuan/t. The problems like fdy631 in the mainstream market can be solved! The trading volume of D silk market has rebounded significantly, showing a cyclical purchasing power tide. At present, the market center price is within the range of yuan/t. FDY dayuoguang 50D (light spinning silk) has a normal market demand, while (satin silk) is quite dynamic. FDY bright 75D is used to produce five pieces of satin and satin grey cloth. Driven by cost, polyester will have an upward trend in the future

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